Come Back and Play! Danna Paola Stars in New Scandal and This Time for …

Danna Paola

The singer revolutionizes the web with her work, again.

Danna is one of the greatest celebrities of the moment that has more echo in the world of entertainment and television for her undeniable talent.

Recently, the actress of “La Doña 2” came to an end in the chapter that shook fans and as expected there are photos on her Instagram account that confirm it.

The protagonists Aracely Arámbula (Altagracia) and Danna (Monica, her daughter), lived an intense moment when they saw in the soap opera the harrowing scene in which the television diva loses its life.

For many, the role of the Telemundo interpreter was her favorite, and thousands of reactions were triggered by this broadcast on viewers and Internet users.

But just as it happened in Paola’s previous work, “So Good”, which was a hit but that received thousands of criticisms for the supposed resemblance to the song “Havana” by Cabello, now the same seems to be happening.

With the new work “Sodio”, the jury of “The Academy” is being the subject of many comments that point to the video clip, as for many it is a plagiarism of the single “Universe” by artist Blas Cantó.

What bothers many is to think that Danna Paola’s inspiration and creativity are in decline and lacking in authenticity. We will see how well fought out of this new scandal.



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