There can be many reasons for not signing off on messages. We might not notice it or forget about it. On the other hand, we may simply not want to continue a given thread, or we have considered the topic to be finished. Regardless of our personal motives, Google decided that it was necessary to write back. Therefore, the News application from this company intends to keep reminding us about it. There is nothing like a program that knows better what we should do.

Google news will remind you that we have not written back

Google news will remind you that we have not written back

Thus, there will be two types of notifications: one for threads that may need to be answered, the other for threads that may need to continue. Enabling each of these types will cause the relevant threads to appear at the top of the main screen after a while, along with a reminder when the user originally received the message or left the thread. The following question will also appear for each of them: Reply? The comforting thing in all this is that we have to turn on these functions ourselves to be able to use it. This way, it will not be burdensome for people who simply don’t like answering.

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This feature is expected to be in the latest Google News beta soon. It is true that it is already possible to download, however, does not support it yet. Most likely, this option will become functional only after the Google server responds. The only thing left to do is to hope that the company will not launch it in a stable version by default, and it will only be a matter of choice.

Source: AndroidPolice

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