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Rain of tax bills and payment orders: the tax authorities are forced to punch the debtors hard. Specifically, as he reports Italy Todaythe Revenue Collection Agency (Ader) “in these days is massively transmitting to taxpayers with overdue debts the preventive communications of administrative detention on cars and motorcycleswith a related reminder to regularize their position “.

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The debt should be paid within 30 days of notification of the deed. If this were not the case, the administrative detention on the vehicle identified would proceed with the registration in the Public Vehicle Register. Without further communication. After registration, the vehicle will no longer be able to circulate under penalty of a fine that goes from 1,988 to 7,953 euros. Furthermore, from that moment on, it will not be possible to oppose subsequent and possible acts, such as the sale of the car, to the Ader.

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In the case of seizable assets, the only way to block the procedure is that of payment. In any case, however, not all assets are seizable, even if only in part. For example, “capital goods” for business or professional activity are not. In the latter case, the nature of the property should be made known to the collector in order for the procedure to be blocked. The unclearness, then, also concerns the vehicles used for the transport of people with disabilities.

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