comes up to a total of 203 in the number of deaths in the country, 5.812 confirmed cases of

[Atualização] The state departments of Health have been updated in the early morning of Wednesday (1), the number of deaths due to the pandemic of the new coronaviruses in Brazil. To date, there have been recorded A total of 203 deaths in the course of the disease. In addition to this, he was 5.812, the number of confirmed cases of in the country. The case-fatality rate has also been changed, going up from 3.2 per cent, which is recorded on the Sunday (the 29th), so The 3.5% in the second of these (30).

At the end of the night is this Tuesday (the 31st), it has been confirmed that the second death is found in the Rio Grande do Norte, a 23-year-old. The gastrólogo Download Aciole, which had a picture of a fat, is the youngest victim of the coronavirus in the country to the present time.

The spread of the disease are high in Brazil: there have been 25 days since the first transmission confirmed, to the first 1,000 cases, of the 26th of February to 21st of march). However, in the remaining 2,000 cases have been confirmed in as little as six days (from the 21st to the 27th of march.

Last Thursday (the 26th), the Brazil has just completed 30 days after the confirmation of the first case of infection with the new coronavirus in the country, up to the present moment, the situation is much worse than what happened in the first month, in Italy.


The situation in the world

All over the world, there are more than 852-thousand confirmed cases of the disease. The number of deaths on the planet, already more than 41 thousand people. The number of preventable disease globally, exceeds that of the 172 million.

The impact of the regulatory

The InteliGov, start-up of the monitoring of the parliamentary principle, has created a web site with an automatic monitoring and parameterized in the Official Journal of the european Union and the Legislature (at the federal, state and local governments) in times of crisis. It is possible to see all of the entries that are made on the Covid-as many as 19 in the Di√°rio Oficial da Uni√£o (DOU).

A pioneer in the automation of the monitoring information to the government, the InteliGov use their own technology to automatically update the information each time, in the case of the DOW, on a daily basis, with regard to initiatives to the Legislature.

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Take a look at the real-time COVID-19 championship in Brazil:

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