Coming New NieR Game? – Trademark registration catches the eye

You a few weeks ago we informed to¬†relevant news¬†that festers speculations for new¬†NieR¬†game, as the¬†Square Enix¬†opened one¬†site¬†to celebrate the 10¬†the¬†anniversary of the game.¬†In April next year, the title will close ten years on the market, and many speculate that we might see a new franchise game or remaster.¬†Now, the Japanese company is coming to shed “oil on the fire”.¬†Specifically, it¬†registered¬†a new trademark for NieR in Japan on November 29 and this information was published a few hours ago.

Although we don’t know anything official, Square Enix’s move above leads us to conclude that it is probably preparing some surprises.¬†Now, whether this surprise is a new NieR game or a remaster is something we’ll find out in April 2020. Keep in mind that neither of the two might be the case and the company is preparing something completely different.¬†However, we will have a formal answer to the above question in the coming months.

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