I didn’t have the honor of meeting him personally. But everything I have come across about him is positive. Alcixa, nicknamed priest Jokes Aguirre, may have been a priest dedicated exclusively to prayer and to his clergy living comfortably between the sacristy and the altar under the smell of incense, but, like many others of the time , he decided to get involved completely from the primary sector, I think, because I saw it as the most vulnerable sector of the society at that time.

Not to mention the powerful presence of the Franciscan friar Nicolas Segurola in the grazing area, along with other priests such as Alcixa, Valentin Zamora and Daniel Esquixabel, as I was saying, these priests threw the blanket over their heads and in favor of Worked tirelessly in the primary sector, in particular, promoting all kinds of unions, cooperatives, etc. Aimed at structuring a territory, historically, individualistic.

Together and in association with a generation of visionary basswriters and even knowing that I forget many of them, I mention Sabino Iruleggi, J Antonio Iturbe, Juanito Goenaga, Anton Dorronsoro, etc. Wouldn’t want to leave without doing it. He promoted the Gurlesa Dairy Cooperative, the Largintza Management Center, the only agricultural union at that time, the EHNE, and many other community initiatives that, little by little, structured a region that was, as I said, intrinsically individualistic. . I appreciate both the visionary basewriters and the group of priests who knew how to identify the sector’s priorities and work selflessly for them.

An attitude, by the way, that is missed in the current context, where volunteers are neither taken nor valued to work for the community, for associations and for the neighbor across the street.

At present, no one wants to devote part of his time to the parents’ association of the educational center where his children study, or to the sports society which organizes races or competitions in which he himself participates, or Agricultural association or union to which he belongs while demanding all the services that one can imagine and what to say, not a minute of his time for municipal work in the town hall of his city.

Now that we are in election time, I am aware and I hear many political leaders complaining about the difficulty of engaging people from the rural world (from the urban world, forgive my snobbery, let others take care of that) I am listening while doing of the council, perhaps thinking that the city council does not go along with them or their activity, agricultural and forestry production.

Nothing could be further from the truth, that the City Hall that is scorned, neglected and scorned, decides with or against you, on many issues that directly and significantly affect you, because of that municipal corporation you Doesn’t matter, decide whether or not you can build a block where you live, decide whether or not to ban planting of certain forest species, if they’re going to invest and how, in public and communal forests, if broadband is also being extended to rural areas or vice versa, as is usually the case, it is confined to urban areas, or if investment is made in rural roads and Not so much is invested in the urban area, .. … and thus, hundreds of municipal decisions that can facilitate or hinder agro-livestock and forestry activities.

So, once the election campaign has begun and aims to reflect on the need for the people of rural areas and the rural world to be actively involved in the future of their future, I can only thank the civic commitment, whether Be it in whatever city it is, whatever acronym or if they did it with an independent platform, and a brave gesture from all those people who decided to go ahead and get wet for their city and their future Yes, including your personal future.

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t want to get wet because everyone is the same, everyone will personally suck and benefit, I’m sorry to say I completely disagree with you. What you don’t want is to work for the collective and the community. So, said, quickly and clearly.

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