Communion, trance and a labyrinth of rhythms. This was Masego’s peculiar performance at MEO Sudoeste

It was not the first time that Portuguese audiences witnessed the idiosyncratic approach to the stage of the Jamaican-American, of South African descent, Masego. In fact, earlier this year Lisbon received its first performance in its own name on national soil, after two highly celebrated tours at the Super Bock Super Rock festival. Yesterday, at MEO Sudoeste, bravely alone, the musician dynamited boundaries between what is meant by a concert and what is meant by a DJ set, leaving an unfortunately not effusive audience lost in its labyrinth of sounds and references: if in a moment we saw him catch on his saxophone for an intense ‘Tadow’, a partnership with the French FKJ recovered from his debut album “Lady Lady”, from 2018, in the following he threw himself into a sequence that brought together Kaytranada, Kendrick Lamar and an unexpected closeness to ‘Poker Face ‘ by Lady Gaga.

Giving free rein to his beautiful voice on songs like ‘Mystery Lady’, a collaboration with Don Toliver, or ‘Veg Out (Wasting Thyme)’, Masego danced in a trance, encouraged an almost religious communion around his music and even decided to show a song new. “I’m not supposed to do this”, he assumes, “put the phones away so I don’t have problems”. Between engaging synthesizers and funk-laden moments, the musician also wanted to take the audience, who at that time already seemed to be there to make room for Steve Aoki, on a trip to his neighborhood, throwing him songs like ‘Meditation’ by GoldLink with Kaytranada and Jazmine Sullivan, ‘Collard Greens’ by Schoolboy Q and Kendrick Lamar, ‘Can’t Say’ by Travis Scott or ‘Kiss Kiss’ by Chris Brown with T-Pain, in a dizzying zigzag between different approaches that leads him to describe the music to which he dedicates himself as “traphousejazz”.

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