Community museum will strengthen roots in Villavicencio’s neighborhood

At the Banco de la República in Villavicencio, this Thursday the 10 winners of the first ‘Community Museum and Memory Space’ competition were presented.

It is a commitment to strengthening the social fabric in communities through activities that promote teamwork and the achievement of collective objectives.

These aim to promote identity and regional roots through retrieval, preservation and dissemination strategies of local memories linked to the history, development and improvement of city neighborhoods and pavements.

The 10 winners of this contest are the cities of San Jorge, Playa Rica, Las Americas, Ciudad Porfia, Juan Pablo II, Vila del Río I and La Nohora, as well as the villages of San José, Santa María la Baza and Santa Teresa. ,

Cristian Fernando Vasquez, a member of one of the selected proposals, shared his group’s experience: “We are the community board of the San Jorge Citadel, listening to the call made by the Korkumvi, where they invited us to create community museums and memory spaces. done, we came up with the idea of ​​making a historical tour through the main places of our region. For this reason, the name of our project is: ‘By walking we build our historical memory so that it lives forever’.

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He also said how important it is to leave a memory space in the area: «Today the generational renewal that is happening in our area is greater, because today the children and grandchildren of the founders of our neighborhood live here. And many of us don’t know how important places like these to our community were built: schools, churches, sports centers and parks. After receiving the information, we got down to building our project, the key element of which is to combine visual information with virtual information through QR codes, thus we completed our proposal and sent the video.

«It is a great pleasure to know today that we are the winners and our project has scored 95 out of 100. We thank Korkumvi and the administration that supports projects that benefit the community for creating places of memory and thus not forgetting that cities grow because of the cooperation of their residents. We are proud and we are happy that our neighborhood, children, youth and the general population will recognize us as a benchmark for teamwork and administrative development as the Community Action Board is,” explained Cristian Vasquez.

Edith Agudelo, director of Korkumvi, made reference to what is included in the ‘Community Museum and Memory Space’ competition and explained that «the implementation process begins of what will be 10 community museums and memory spaces, a commission from the municipal administration and Korkumvi Through a public call to strengthen various initiatives that seek to recover the memory and above all leave a legacy for all these new generations of how the neighborhoods were established, the dynamics of urban development in the city And definitely from the countryside.

«In this sense, we begin the first phase which will be technical assistance through museological and museographic scripts, through the creation of different narratives. Of course, the second phase, which will be the endowment of each of the collections to be found in these 10 locations that will open their doors at the end of this year to receive the whole city and so that a circuit will build on the knowledge and pressure of our history as a city based cultural tourism”, said Edith Agudelo.

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During the intervention, the mayor of Villavicencio, Felipe Hermán, said that “there are always portraits of the most powerful people in history, but never on the basis of saving neighborhoods, working people, common people and the people who built their city projects.” Worked to completion.

He also highlighted: “With this – community museums – we want to recognize that this city is the sum of those collective and community efforts.”

During the presentation, the 10 winners had a space where they expressed:

“The history of our neighborhood tells a lot about the war. Here people left their land, their farms, empty-handed, in search of a place to take refuge»: Brian Zamora, representative of the La Nohora neighborhood.

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«Our project ‘While moving we build our historical memory so that it will live forever’, is going to show the history of progress of our neighborhood. We want to be an example to all»: Inés Eusciano, representative of the San Jorge neighborhood.

“Our neighborhood was an aggressive settlement, but thanks to the resistance of the entire population, after years of struggle, our Porfia neighborhood was able to persevere. This is what we want to highlight, the struggle of our community»: of Porfia Representative Rosa Emilia Ortiz.

“The most beautiful thing about neighborhood development is that we built it ourselves in the community days that we did on Saturdays and Sundays”: Leaders of Las Americas.

«Since the time they came to visit us, we started working hard because we wanted to be part of this project and today it is a reality. We are very happy»: Ana Yivini Avila, Playa Rica neighborhood representative.

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“We are very proud to be one of the winners and we want to get the whole city in our neighborhood already. We have so many cool things to show»: Elizabeth Rincón, San Jose Alto Village Representative.

“It is one of the dreams that we projected for many years and today, thanks to the support of Korkumvi and the municipal administration, it will no longer be a dream, but a reality”: the leader of the village of Santa Teresa.

“What are we? How are we born? Why are we the region? They seem like philosophical questions, but in fact they are essential questions to start building knowledge and stories that build peace and hope.” : Cristian Romero, leader of the village of Santa Maria la Baja.

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