Como, on the waiting list for an operation, after 11 years the call arrives: “Do you still want to be operated on?”

“Madam, are you still interested in the surgery?” So the Sant’Anna hospital in Como calls a patient after 11 years from the request for a non-urgent surgical operation. The episode is told by the same citizen who, after receiving the phone call and being quite angry, decided to report the incident to The province. And while the councilor for welfare of the Lombardy region Letizia Moratti orders the regional health care to reduce waiting lists, the Sant’Anna hospital tries to recover an intervention after 11 years. It would be a surgical removal at the level of the colon that according to the regional tables it should not foresee a wait longer than 12 months. The regional Welfare Directorate asked the health facility for explanations. Asst Sant’Anna reports that the story of the patient recalled after a very long wait does not match the directives given to the hospital’s intervention booking offices. This is because the performance is not performed they are automatically canceled five years after the request.

The investigations of the Region and the response of Asst Lariana

If the episode were confirmed by further investigations underway by the Region, a series of penalties would be triggered by the resolutions with which Moratti obliged the Asst to bring waiting times for healthcare services back to pre-existing levelsCovid. Meanwhile the press office of Asst Lariana provides further details: “We asked for the patient’s name to check if it was not a IT hiccup, since these times have never occurred in similar cases but this name to carry out the checks was not given to us by the journalist, so it is difficult to understand how the story went “. And he adds: ¬ęThe whole story has to be verified also why Sant’Anna respects the tables set by the Region for maximum waiting timesboth for oncological interventions, and for all the rest of the services “.

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