“Compact against the imperialist threat, let’s all defend Italy”

Time of unity. You know well, Giorgia Meloni, that the moment in which he is about to sit down in Palazzo Chigi is complicated. And that to succeed, he will need all the support he can get. Even those who did not vote for it. Because if, as it seems obvious, a Meloni government will be born by the end of the month, “it will be the government of all Italians”.
The electoral campaign is over, and now, the premier in pectore insists, the time has come to “unite”. «The propaganda of demonization against us has soured the spirits and divided the Italians. We will work to unite them, because this is not the time for instrumental controversies or divisions, but the time for responsibility ». A word, responsibility, increasingly recurrent in Meloni’s dictionary. Invested with such a task (she herself does not hide it) that the veins in her wrists tremble. This is why the watchword is compactness. “Our goal in the government will be to represent and defend the interests and rights of all citizens,” she reiterates.
An appeal that also knows how to respond to the attacks that rained down on her after the news, spread by the Spanish press, of a criminal case that years ago involved her father Francesco, who left home when Giorgia (who with him would then have cut off every relationship) was only one year old. Among those who choose to ride the controversy is the journalist Rula Jebreal, against whom the criticism of both the center-right (“shameful and raving words”) and the center-left rains. Meanwhile, Meloni, announces lawsuits. And she adds: “Among the many things that are not valid for me there is also the saying that the sins of the children do not fall on the fathers.”

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It is also in this logic that the appeal to put aside divisions in favor of unity must be read. Unity which, in Meloni’s vision, begins with Italy’s international positioning, which cannot afford to show divisions on this point.
A line that can be summarized as follows: never with Vladimir Putinalways alongside Volodymyr Zelensky together with Europe and the United States. Since the beginning of the election campaign, in spite of the pro-Russian hesitations and slips of Matteo Salvini and Silvio Berlusconi, Meloni has guaranteed respect for the Euro-Atlantic line on the war in Ukraine. Sanctions and military support included. And, now that she is one step away from Palazzo Chigi, the premier in pectore continues on the path traced by Mario Draghi.
The proof is the harsh note with which the leader of the Brothers of Italy welcomed the speech with which Putin announced the passage under Moscow of the Ukrainian regions of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia: “The declaration of annexation to the Russian Federation of four Ukrainian regions after the farce referendums that took place under violent military occupation has no legal or political value “, says Meloni,” Putin once again demonstrates his neo-imperialist Soviet-style vision that threatens the security of the entire European continent. This further violation of the rules of coexistence between nations by Russia confirms the need for compactness and unity of Western democracies ”. “Thanks to Meloni for his clear position and harsh condemnation of Putin,” said Zelensky.

In short, there will be no space in the foreign policy of the center-right government, for tertiary positions. In addition, as demonstrated by the exchange of messages between Meloni and the Ukrainian president on Tuesday, the premier in pectore intends to carve out a role of privileged interlocutor with Kiev. In fact, it is very probable that Meloni will travel to the Ukrainian capital in the weeks following the settlement at Palazzo Chigi.
Apart from the war, Meloni is described as “very worried” about the energy crisis. So much so is she, who in the evening leaving Montecitorio she declares: “I’m taking care of the bills, that’s my priority.” She and she are alarmed by Germany’s choice to allocate 200 billion to support businesses and households against expensive energy. “After this move, the EU no longer exists,” says a leading exponent of FdI. And he explains: “If Berlin renounces the solidarity and collaboration that should inform the moves of its European partners and draws on its enormous budget space, it puts its allies in serious difficulty: Italy is the second European manufacturer, but has no funds for do the same … ». And yesterday, at the Extraordinary Council of Energy Ministers, the “immediate and common response at European level” invoked the day before by Meloni, who heard the Minister Roberto Cingolani and the President of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola.
Yet, despite the frictions on the gas front, the German Socialist Chancellor Olaf Scholz yesterday sent out signs of detente towards Rome: «I do not see any explosive picture. I am counting on the fact that the future Italian government will also abide by the European rules, which we have established together: the Italians are clearly pro-Europeans, and President Mattarella too ». Response from Meloni’s right-hand man, Guido Crosetto: «I appreciate the positive judgment of the Chancellor. It is obvious that the future government will respect European rules ”. The warning follows: «The future government will demand the same respect from all European countries. Without children and stepchildren ». The reference to the EU Commission is clear, which does not intend to slow down the 200 billion plan launched by Berlin.


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