compact on Ukraine, but pace- initiative is needed immediately

The intervention of the Northern League leader which provoked the reaction of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry

The government of Kiev, through the mouth of the Foreign Minister’s spokesperson, criticized the words spoken yesterday in the hall of Palazzo Madama, during the declarations of vote for the confidence in the new government, by the leader of the League, Maximilian Romeo, arguing that “in almost all countries there will be politicians who will try to please Putin”. The Northern League senator had announced the favorable vote and talked about the compactness of the coalition, but he had also disregarded the clearly pro-Atlantic position highlighted by Prime Minister Meloni and also by Silvio Berlusconi (who instead ended up at the center of the controversy for the statements made in private to his deputies, in which he seemed to express a certain closeness to Putin and disappointment towards Zelensky) asking for an initiative to reach peace negotiations.

“Italy is in NATO and the Atlantic position has never been questioned – said Romeo in his speech to the Senate -. But try to set up a peace negotiation speech as well. Of course, peace is not achieved with a conference, but given that the US itself is realizing that it is a path that can be followed … It is hard to hear that the Ukrainians will decide. Of course, their will must be respected but it is better to say that the international community decides in the interest of Ukraine ”. This was stated by the president of the Lega senators, Massimiliano Romeo, in the declaration of vote on the confidence in the Meloni government. “Let’s say that this path must be followed in the tradition that sees Italy capable of diplomacy and of conditioning the international geopolitical scenario”.

October 27, 2022 (change October 27, 2022 | 14:07)

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