Company rents trailer used by Vin Diesel on Hollywood sets

Anderson Mobile Estates is currently doing something very interesting and curious in the United States. She is renting five-star trailers formerly owned by famous people to anyone interested.

The brand became famous in the early 2000s, when Will Smith commissioned a trailer to use on the set of a movie. Other artists have followed suit, including Vin Diesel. However, the company always rented the trailers and never sold them, so they always came back after use.

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Now, with five trailers available including Vin Diesel’s, the company will make them available for rent at a five-star trailer resort called 7744 Ranch in Austin, Texas.

Known as The Comfy Cabin, Vin Diesel’s trailer spans 111.5 square meters and is worth $2 million. It has a kitchen, two bathrooms, large living area and a proper office with its own golf mat. The brand, however, did not say what the rental price will be.

Check out the trailer inside here:

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