Complete version of the opera “Dido and Æneas” at the Braga Conservatory in Teramo –

TERAMO – Tomorrow, Thursday 23 June, at 6 pm, the Auditorium of the ‘G.Braga’ Conservatory of Teramo will host the staging of the Opera ‘Dido and Aeneas’, by Henry Purcell, the final essay of the relative Department, event-tests open to the public. The academic project bears the signature of Maestro Piergiorgio Of the Nuncio and master Alice Bisantiteachers of the ‘Braga’. “For the Conservatory – explained the Director Tatjana Vratonjicit is an ambitious initiative, because tomorrow we will represent the whole Opera, lasting 50 minutes, in front of the public, offering our students an opportunity to put themselves to the test in a concrete way. Opera is certainly among the most difficult genres in the musical field, because it requires a specific talent, even more so when it comes from a foreign text. However, we know that that booklet is absolutely viable for our kids, whose preparation we know”.

In particular ‘Dido and Æneas’ is an opera in three acts by Henry Purcell, libretto by Nahum Tate. Performed for the first time in Chelsea (London), probably on 11 April 1689 in a boarding school for young ladies, for the coronation of William III of Orange and Mary – II Stuart, it is Purcell’s most famous work and an absolute masterpiece of British melodrama. Divided into three short acts, the opera deals with the stay of Aeneas (protagonist of Virgil’s Aeneid, in English Aeneas) in Carthage, guest of Queen Dido (in English Dido). A cursed love will break out between the two which will end, as tradition dictates, with the departure of the hero, destined to found Rome, and the suicide of Dido. The work opens with a French overture, divided into a serious and majestic first movement, tending to evoke an image of royalty, and a more lively second part, in which the crescendo underlines the violence and wickedness that we will find in the ‘Opera.

Characters and performers, all students of the ‘Braga’ Conservatory, are Flavia The pasta in the guise of Dido; Laura Rainier as Belinda; Anita Sisino who will be the second woman, First witch and Spirit; Ylenia Monkey as Sorceress; Anastasia Condrea as Second witch; Kristoffer Nordal it will be Aeneas; Ovind Kleppe which Sailor. All the actors on stage will be part of the Ensemble choir which will also see the presence of Martina KindMiryam RidolfiVictoria VerducciDaniel LezziSiro Antonelli and Erlend Jasund. Lorenzo will accompany the song Of Joseph and Francis Marano on Violin I, Chiara Michelle Diamonds on violin II, Diego Amadio on the double bass.

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