“Completely different”; Messi’s ex-mate ‘puts in check’ the star’s happiness at PSG


The Argentine is always surrounded by rumors wherever he goes and this week was no different when a former teammate commented on his situation at PSG.

FotoBaires/AGIF - Messi for Argentina.
FotoBaires/AGIF – Messi for Argentina.

Lionel Messi’s stint at Paris Saint-Germain has been very disappointing so far for all parties. After surprising the world of the ball and saying goodbye to Barcelona for lack of communication with the board for the renewal of the contract, the Argentine went to France with high expectations.

In their first season together, the attacking trio of Neymar Jr, Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé failed to win the much-desired Champions League, after taking a spectacular comeback from Real Madrid and being eliminated early from the competition. For Carlitos Tevez, Messi’s former teammate in Argentina, the striker is not 100% happy at PSG.

I see two completely different Messis. One when he’s at PSG and another when he’s in the Argentina national team. In this one, I see him happiersaid Tevez, in an interview with El Nueve. The statement obviously generated controversy on social media.

Whether Messi is happy or not at PSG is a completely different story, but it is a fact that representing his team, shirt 10 is always happier. This was evident last year, when Lionel won the Copa America title and the Argentine said several times that this was one of his biggest goals as a professional, deliver a cup to your country.

For Tevez, the Argentina team is well on its way to the World Cup dispute in Qatar that will take place at the end of this year: “I see the National Team well, consolidated, which is the most important thing. Starting to guess what the Worlds will be. It is now important for players to focus on doing a good pre-season to get in good shape“, he concluded.

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