Completely free screenings to keep an eye on your health

If you want to keep an eye on your health: here are completely free screenings that will allow you to keep an eye on it

If before get cancer it was rare and remote, it is now the order of the day. And that is why we must always try to prevent rather than cure.

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Among the fundamental habits to adopt is that of nutrition, so we must try to eat healthy foodsfruits and vegetables. There are some foods in particular that are highly recommended and that prevent the risk of getting cancer. There is a fruit in particular that contains seeds considered antioxidants, therefore able to prevent both aging and the appearance of tumors.

In addition to the habits to adopt and the precautions to be put into practice, above all what is not to be done is important. So try to avoid the consumption of sugary and carbonated drinks, high quantities of red meat, fried food, junk food, too much saltbut especially packaged foods rich in preservatives.

Also important is rreduce the consumption of alcohol, coffee and smoking. Avoid a sedentary lifestyle and do regular physical activity, always keeping fit. To prevent the onset of diseases, however, it is always necessary to do some preventive checks. Let’s find out how completely free screening.

Free screenings: that’s who can benefit

Free screening
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With the term “screening” they go to indicate all those tests to identify a probable appearance of tumorthe. This is done in a preventive way, without there being symptoms or signs of possible tumors. In Italy, free cancer screenings are breast screening (of which most women get sick) to the colorectal and cervix.

The PAP test it is an exam that all women they have to do periodically. This exam is able to diagnose both bacterial infections, such as candida, which more serious diseases such as cervical cancer. To do this, you have to go to a gynecologist, and lasts more or less 10 minutes.

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Mammography instead it is an indispensable test for the diagnosis of breast cancer. Thanks to this examination it is possible to identify the disease even if there are hints of it, therefore in the early stages. THEThe test is free for women aged 50 to 69ie the local Asl themselves send an invitation by letter.

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Colorectal cancer, on the other hand, it does not give symptoms when it occurs in the very early stages. To find out if it is present, you need to do two tests. The first is based on the search for occult blood in the stool, while the second is the rectosigmoidoscopy. This looks for occult blood in the stool every 24 months. Also this exam in Italy it is free for men aged 50 to 70 and women up to 74. Obviously, in case of positivity, a colonoscopy is required.


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