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Better sorted, better valued

The goal ? Recover this waste which represents a third of the volume of our household waste. Since 1988, Amiens Métropole has chosen to methanize these at the Idex plant to produce biogas and compost. “But we want to go further by helping to develop individual or collective composting wherever conditions permit,” asks Isabelle Savariego, deputy vice-president for the environment and biodiversity. All green waste (gardening) from the 39 municipalities is already sent to the composting platform. Since 2018, the community has granted €30 for the purchase of an individual composter. 1,200 were funded. She also promotes this practice via free general public awareness workshops (22 sessions since the end of 2021). Others, for a day, train the representatives of shared composting sites. 73 people followed them. Like Élodie Charpentier, member of the municipal council of Seux and future referent of the composter intended for all the inhabitants of the town: “The mayor, Valérie Rose Tétu, is very invested in sustainable development issues and wants to raise awareness among the population on this subject. We need to find ten homes to launch the project.” This is in fact one of the conditions for financing such equipment.

Adapted solutions

Just like having at least two referents, “i.e. two people who have followed one of the practical and theoretical training courses offered by Amiens Métropole”, specifies Joséphine Halle. The feedback is very positive. In addition to lightening their trash, people meet new people, take advantage of compost… For those who have concerns or doubts, the young woman encourages: “You should not hesitate to contact us, to talk to your neighbors about it. Even for small condominiums which do not bring together ten households, we can find solutions, such as the installation of a neighborhood composter.”

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