Compulsory photovoltaics throughout the country. The plan of the new German government

Photovoltaics and other renewable energy sources will develop even faster in Germany. The new government of our western neighbors has a very ambitious plan for the development of the domestic energy sector.

Photovoltaics and wind farms will play a key role in Germany’s energy transformation. The new government, in which the Greens will be responsible for the economy and the environment, will aim to completely phase out coal by 2030.

According to journalists of the website, so far it was planned that the share of renewable energy in the electricity mix would be around 65 percent by then. The new government wants as much as 80 percent to come from renewable energy sources in 2030, and to be able to implement such a plan, specific solutions must be prepared.

Blackout in Poland?  Poles buy power generators

Blackout in Poland? Poles buy power generators

The total capacity of photovoltaic installations in Germany will have to increase almost fourfold by the end of the decade – from 56 GW to 200 GW. The change of regulations is to help in achieving this goal. It is about introducing the obligation to install photovoltaic installations on new buildings – including residential ones.

The development of wind farms is also to be enabled by changes to the regulations. It is about making 2 percent of the land available in Germany for the construction of wind farms. In addition, offshore wind energy will be developed – by the end of the decade, its capacity is to increase from the current 8 GW to 30 GW.

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Power outages. How to prepare for a blackout?

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