Compulsory third party liability insurance – 70 percent Poles do not know what it covers

After last year’s decline in vehicle registrations in Poland this year. the situation improved slightly – in the first three quarters of 2021, it was registered by 17.7 percent. more vehicles than in the corresponding period of the previous year. Based on these data, the insurance start-up Beesafe decided to check the awareness of Poles in the field of motor insurance, i.e. third party liability and motor hull insurance, against the background of the growing interest in vehicles.

Third party liability and accident insurance – only the first is obligatory

The survey was conducted by GfK in November 2021. It turns out that when asked which insurance is obligatory for the owner of a motor vehicle, as much as 23 percent. of the respondents answered that OC and AC, 1 percent. pointed to AC, and 70 percent. correctly stated that the third party liability insurance. The remaining part of the respondents, ie 6%, admitted that they did not know.

The results concerning the scope of the compulsory third party liability insurance are equally interesting. When asked what actually covers only 30 percent. of respondents correctly stated that both the injured’s vehicle and the driver and passengers of the car. It turns out that 44 percent. believes that only the vehicle, 15 percent. driver and passengers, and 11 percent. could not answer.

What is covered by third party liability insurance?

Damian Andruszkiewicz from Beesafe referred to the research carried out by GfK, who clearly indicated the scope of the third party liability insurance: “It applies to situations in which we cause damage to someone by using a car – both personal (the consequence may be bodily injury, health disorder or even death) and tangible (which concerns the destruction or damage to someone’s property). Importantly – damage caused by the movement of the vehicle is also considered to be events while getting into the car, unloading or at the time of stopping, parking or even parking it. that third party liability insurance is not tied to a specific driver, but to a given vehicle. “

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The research showed one more important element. More than a third of respondents are not aware that third party liability insurance can be taken over from the previous owner – interestingly 15 percent. believe that this is not possible, and 19 percent. he doesn’t know if it can be done or not.

People in the 35-44 age group provided the most correct answers to the questions asked in the survey. As noted by Beesafe, among them, the percentage of correct answers to each of the questions asked was each time higher than the overall results.

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