Compulsory vaccinations. It is known when they are to start in the Czech Republic

The assumptions of the regulation provide that compulsory vaccinations will start in Czechia from March 2022 The vaccination obligation is to apply to seniors over 60 years of age, health care workers, medical students, policemen, firefighters, city guards and volunteer firefighters. Reservists and employees of sanitary and epidemic stations also have to avoid compulsory vaccines.

What will the new government do?

However, will the regulation come into force? Minister Vojtiech is expected to lose his position soon, as a new government of Petr Fiali is being formed in the country. Vojtiech, however, has already talked to the candidate for the new head of the health ministry, Vlastimil Valek. It is not certain, however, whether the new health minister will withdraw from the compulsory vaccination plan.

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