Comrade Don Camillo / Where to watch the film in streaming on Rete 4

Comrade Don Camillo: where to see him in streaming

The comrade Don Camillo it is directed by a great director that is Luigi Comencini. Born in Salò on June 8, 1916, he died in April 2007 in Rome. In his career he has directed great actors among which Vittorio De Sica and Gina Lollobrigida stand out. His debut behind the camera came in 1948 in Forbidden to steal. Certainly, however, the great success reaches him in 1953 when he directs the very successful comedy Pane, amore e fantasia. He directed the last film in 1991 and we all know him, it is Marcellino pane e vino. Classic director has proven to have great personality and to be able to tell story with great intelligence and depth. He will forever remain one of the greatest interpreters of Italian comedy to which he has made a decisive and highly intellectual contribution. Comrade Don Camillo will be broadcast tonight by Rete 4. Click here to watch the movie live on MediasetPlay.

Comrade Don Camillo, the film with Graziella Granata

Among the main female protagonists of Comrade Don Camillo there is the actress Graziella Granata born in Rome on March 13, 1941 and very active in the entertainment world especially between the sixties and seventies. The debut on the big screen came in 1959 with the participation in the film La scimitar del Saraceno directed by Piero Perotti. She has not acted since 1972 when the last film she was the interpreter of was released in the cinema, namely Fratello ladro by Pino Tosini.

She was a very active actress in different genres, making herself known above all in auteur films working with incredibly talented people such as Mario Camerini, Luigi Comencini, Sergio Corbucci, Federico Fellini, Steno and many others. On television we only saw her once in a 1971 episode of the Yellow in the Evening miniseries. In 1967 she won the Gold plate to the David di Donatello, managing to achieve an extraordinary result. Many also complimented her wonderful voice that she managed to make her recognizable.

Comrade Don Camillo, Rete 4 film directed by Luigi Comencini

Comrade Don Camillo will be broadcast on prime time of Network 4 today, Tuesday 7 June, give her 21:25 hours. It is an Italian film from 1965 that is part of a successful cinematographic saga and whose stories are taken from the homonymous book written by Giovannino Guareschi. The film was made by Rizzoli film in collaboration with Francoriz Production and Omina Film, the distribution will be managed by Cineriz while the direction will be signed by Luigi Comencini with a screenplay revised and nursed for the film version by Leonardo Benvenuti and Piero De Bernardi.

The scenography was conceived by Luigi Scaccianoce with the make-up created by Otello Fava. In the cast, great artists of the time including Fernandel, Gino CerviSaro Urzì, Marco Tulli, Silla Bettini, Gianni Garko, Graziella Granata and Leda Gloria.

Comrade Don Camillo, the plot of the film

We read the plot de Comrade Don Camillo. We are in the little quiet village of Brescello in the year 1964 with the mayor Peppone who, amid a thousand controversies and disputes, is carrying out an operation that will allow the town to twin up with another Soviet community. To sanction this important operation, above all of a political nature, the Soviet representatives have decided to make a gift to Brescello by sending a tractor which, however, in the celebration ceremony to formalize the twinning sensationally does not want to get started. Peppone is laughed at by most and above all by Don Camillo who is happy with what happened also because the mayor had not even wanted to have him blessed by the same priest. Once the ceremony is over, Peppone takes the tractor to his mechanical workshop and begins to work on it day and night to be able to solve a problem that seems impossible to solve.

When he has lost hope, you also decide to rely on Don Camillo himself, having him blessed and when the prelate finishes the religious rite, the tractor as if by magic finally starts up and works correctly. Don Camillo, however, absolutely does not want to give in on the issue of twinning and so he tries to make Peppone understand that the best possible thing is to propose a sort of popular referendum among citizens to see what the majority says.

The right opportunity to blow everything up is given by the arrival of two Russian refugees who say they have escaped from a totalitarian regime that prevented them from living in freedom and who were subjected to constant torture. Don Camillo makes these events known and everything seems to turn in his favor until it turns out that the two are Italian swindlers who pretended to be refugees. This allows Peppone to win this battle. In the end it will be decided to organize a trip to Russia in which Don Camillo also manages to participate with one of his usual subterfuges, forcing the mayor to consent to your presence.


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