Concê, from ‘Canta Comigo’, celebrates life and career in new single ‘Gemini’

“It’s been ten years composing, it’s been 24 years of existence”. With these statements, the singer and songwriter Concê opens her new single “Gemini”, which will be released this Friday (24), on all music apps. In the week in which the artist turns 24, the song comes to extol all the path she has taken so far, in life and career, without neglecting her Gemini authenticity. The music video for the song will air from midnight on Sunday (26), on the singer’s YouTube channel.

“Gemini” is the result of that authenticity in a 30-minute walk to the recording studio. “I was in a phase of listening to an editorial playlist of international female rap and the album Zodíaco do Xamã. That’s when, listening to the lyrics of Gemini, on the album, I started to reflect on the stereotype that was created about people of this sign being two-faced and having multiple personalities and my own contrasted view about Gemini being a sign that is always looking for change. and reinventions to better understand the world and be always up to date in its best version”, explains Conce, who participated in the third edition of the ‘Canta Comigo’ program.

The powerful lyrics are presented in a rap with funk beats – which the artist called “funk breaking” –, with production, mixing and mastering signed by Jayro, with the support of Dorobo Studio and the production assistance of DJ Makō.

“Jayro asked me what my idea was for the beat of the song and I said I wanted a very ‘breaking’ funk, with a good sample, in a striking break. Behold, he sends me a beat that he already had ready in the catalog and that fit like a glove in Gemini. What you hear in the final version, there is almost no change from how the beat was originally”, comments the artist who was inspired by works such as “Never Be Me”, by Snow Tha Product; “Banana”, by Anitta and Becky G and “7 Rings”, by Ariana Grande. In addition to names like Doja Cat, Glória Groove and Xamã, which are mentioned in the lyrics of the song.

dancing and having fun

With the support of Digital Favela, the production will feature a video clip recorded at LabOf, a colorful and welcoming gallery space, located in Vila Mariana, in São Paulo. Filmed by Isac Oliveira, with assistance from Bririoni, script by Kenedy Henrique and Concê and image direction by Emma Araújo, the clip brings a lot of dancing and enjoyment.

“Since the song has been around, I’ve imagined myself dancing in the clip with my colleagues who live with me. At home, we have two dancers and two ‘singers’ who dance, so it couldn’t go wrong”, comments Concê.

The choreography of the clip was done by Kenedy Henrique and assisted by Ruan Trindade, while the costumes – each one with symbols of their respective signs – were made by the singer herself. “I produced everything during sleepless nights, creating a whole concept and specific designs for each of the dancers, always asking if they felt good with the look and asking for suggestions for alterations. In the end, each one was left with a costume that was very similar to them”, she says.

‘I was never alone’

Used to leading her projects and putting them into practice with determination and hard work, even in the midst of adversity, “Gemini” comes at a time when the independent artist also celebrates all the support she has gained over ten years between stages and compositions. . “It’s time to show everything I’m capable of doing alone and, at the same time, see that I was never alone, I could always count on the help and donation of good friends. You can see a lot of love and a lot of fun involved in this work,” she highlights. “The importance of ‘Gemini’ is to show that I’m getting closer to who I want to be as an artist”, she concludes.

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