“Concessions don’t lead to anything good.” Płażyński on the politics of the West

On Tuesday afternoon it came to US President Joe Biden talks with the leader of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in the form of a videoconference. The discussion lasted about two hours, the details of its course are unknown.

National Security Advisor to the President of the United States of America Jake Sullivan reported after the meeting that Biden did not give Putin any guarantees about Ukraine’s membership in NATO. The American leader was also supposed to announce sanctions, send weapons to Ukraine and strengthen NATO’s eastern flank in the event of a Russian invasion.

Płażyński: The West gives the field to Putin

The tense situation on the Russian-Ukrainian border and the last conversation between the Russian and US leaders was commented on by PiS MP Kacper Płażyński on the air of Radio Gdańsk.

The politician pointed out that at the present stage it cannot be assessed to what extent the threat of the Russian invasion is real. In his opinion, we will find out about it in the spring, when “armed conflicts usually break out, because it is easier to mobilize your units and move them from place to place.”

– Since the war in Georgia, the Western world, including the USA, has been pursuing a policy of giving up the field towards Russia, except for the short time when Donald Trump ruled. There was no real action to put an end to Vladimir Putin’s imperialist aspirations. Yes, there were sanctions introduced by the EU and the US, but it was obvious that they were ineffective and did not stop these actions in any way – assessed Płażyński.

In his opinion, Vladimir Putin achieved some of his goals before even talking to Joe Biden.

– A few weeks ago, there was talk of possible sanctions for Nord Stream 2, that its launch would be impossible, and now we know that there was a silent agreement that if Russia did not attack Ukraine, the gas pipeline would be launched. This is still a policy of appeasement. It brings back memories of the times of totalitarian regimes awakening before World War II, of Adolf Hitler, the Munich Treaties, etc. Such a policy never leads to anything good, he warned.

Si vis pacem, para bellum

Kacper Płażyński stated that for several years Poland has been responding properly to the growing threat in the region.

– “You want peace – get ready for war.” We can see that times are turbulent, dangerous. War is right on our border. We arm ourselves, buy modern weapons, fill the gaps in defense, anti-aircraft and anti-missile, hence e.g. the “Miecznik” program, i.e. the construction of three frigates in Polish shipyards. We are doing what we should be doing, we are taking the situation very seriously, we are arming ourselves and creating a modern army – summed up the Law and Justice MP.

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