Concrete Genie

The fascinating Concrete Genie, Pixelopus’ exclusive PS4, has officially entered the Gold phase and is, therefore, preparing to reach the console on 9 October 2019.

After a few years in development, the fascinating Concrete Genie is finally ready to enter the market, respecting the release date set for 9 October 2019, as it has officially entered the Gold phase.

The announcement was made directly by the Pixelopus team with a message on Twitter showing the Concrete Genie disc master and announcing that the game has entered Gold, which is the last phase of the production that precedes the distribution and the release on the market.

Announced a couple of years ago, Concrete Genie is a particular product with an indie spirit, although supported directly by Sony as a PS4 exclusive. In the story of Ash, a boy able to give life to his artistic creations, using animated drawings to solve puzzles and progress in the game.

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