Conference “La Camilla, Baglioni’s car” –

Rome – Press conference by Francesca Galizia (26.05.22)

Rome – Presentation of the book “LA CAMILLA, BAGLIONI’S CAR” – Press conference by Francesca Galizia (26.05.22)

The book

“The Camille. The legendary Citroën Due Cavalli by Claudio Baglioni, dated 1973. Starting from the quotation of a famous verse by the singer-songwriter, “La Camilla, yes my car”, this book reconstructs its history, retracing the reasons and characteristics that allowed this car to become the icon of an era.

But talking about the Camilla is obviously a pretext for talking about the myth Claudius Baglioni, of the myth Two Horses and of course… of the legendary Seventies. In about ten chapters Claudio’s songs mix with the kilometers that the Two Horses grinded towards Kabul or the African deserts; the life and poetics of the Roman singer-songwriter live against the backdrop of the 1968 riots, flared trousers, the gearbox on the dashboard; the car born all sprung so as not to break the farmers’ eggs turns out to be the symbol of a generation of young people who will have it sprung up to take for a walk, as Claudio puts it, “the most beautiful loves”.

In a story for two voices, Pigi Sbaraglia and Chiara Sabatini tell us about Claudius Baglioni, of the Due Cavalli and the seventies, alternating in a dialogue that here and there takes on the colors of bickering: she is a wild Baglioni fan, she loves his records, his words, his world. He loves cars. On one point I agree: the Camilla is the object that Claudio loved more than anything else. As it is written in the book: this is “the emblem of the first manner of Baglioniism”.

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