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In a video posted on her Instagram channel, Aurora Ramazzotti responded once and for all to the speculations that saw her protagonist in recent months, according to which she was pregnant. The young presenter, daughter of Michelle Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti, confirmed her rumors with the irony and self-irony that distinguish her!

In recent weeks, the rumors according to which Aurora Ramazzotti would have been pregnant. The first to throw the “bomb” was Alfonso Signorinilater repented, in the weekly he directed “Who“. In the meantime, no confirmation, no photos of suspicious tummies, but only a laconic (and legitimate) “Respect my silence“By the person directly concerned. Today, however, we can affirm it with certainty: the young conductor, fruit of the love that once was between Michelle Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti, is in sweet waiting. To confirm it is precisely Auri, as the aficionados call it, who – as is his style – has decided to do it in an ironic and goliardic way, through a video in which he makes fun of all those who, in recent times, have done nothing but gossip about his account. To appear in the film – as it should be – also his partner and father of the baby on the way Goffredo Cerza.

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Stork arriving for Aurora Ramazzotti: confirmation arrives on Instagram

Aurora Ramazzotti she is more than used to ending up in the pages, or even on the covers of magazines, the subject of sometimes unfounded gossip. On the other hand, she is the daughter of one of the golden couples of the Italian showbiz, the one that was once formed by Michelle Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti. However, there are special circumstances in which even the celebrities have the right to privacy to protect their psycho-physical well-being. Circumstances as delicate as one can be pregnancy. For this reason the young and fun influencerfresh from the management of LoveMithe concert-event organized this summer by J-Ax and Fedez in Piazza Duomo in Milan, she stalled a bit before confirming the rumors that wanted her pregnant. At least until today, when, through a hilarious video posted on social mediashe revealed herself of to be expecting comrade Goffredo Cerza, with whom she has been engaged for five joyful years.

The witty video with which she confirmed the rumors about pregnancy

“Aurora, aren’t you pregnant?”this is the question that echoes in the short film mentioned Aurora Ramazzotti she is the protagonist and to which she responds by denying, each time more and more resigned. Grandma Ineke, mom Michelle, her friends and, finally, even her boyfriend are pestering her with questions about her alleged pregnancy, after reading the headlines that gave the news for sure, without even bothering to ask the person directly concerned. At one point, she even replies “Ask Signorini”a jab against the presenter who spread the indiscretion even before the young woman future mother exceeded the quarter. In the end, Ramazzotti Junior, whose comic skills are getting better every day, blurts out and at the question of her boyfriend Godfreyhe replies: “But can you do it? Of course I’m pregnant, pretend you don’t know? Look what we have put on: the set, the people, all of Italy knows then, what are you pretending nothing has happened? Look at what huge boobs I have, they are giant, enjoy them ”. This is how Aurora’s definitive “yes” could only arrive for which irony is the preferred means of expression.

Supplied with the clip, Aurora wanted to share the following message: “We wanted to apologize to all the friends we had to deny over the course of this month. When the news came out it was not yet the time to communicate it publicly. That’s how it went! To those who understand, to those who hear, to those who see. I love you“.

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Congratulations from friends and followers

Immediate comments of congratulations and congratulations from VIP and non-VIP friends and loyal followers – the influencer counts in fact a follow-up of 2.4 million followersi – who greatly appreciated the irreverent and goliardic spirit of the video. Among them, the best friend Sara Daniele, daughter of the late Pino DanieleTommaso Zorzi, Paola Turani e Biagio Antonacci.

Vip against gossip: before Aurora, also Blake Lively

One way, that of announcing one pregnancywhich reminds us a lot of the one adopted a few days ago byAmerican actress Blake Lively. The interpreter, consecrated by the role of Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl, has decided to put a stop to it at the paparazzi raid in front of the house, posting herself of the photo that portray it with baby bump. This is the fourth pregnancy for Lively and husband Ryan Reynoldsformer parents of James, Betty and Inez.


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A gesture, as well as that of Aurora Ramazzotti, with which the world-famous star wanted regain possession of their privacy and that of his family, pilloriing the disrespectful attitude of the paparazzi who, at times, know how to behave like perfect vultures.

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