confirmed the seizure of 3.5 million euros –

from Giuseppe Guastella

Several commercial transactions were in the sights, in particular the purchase and sale of three Ferrari Gran Turismo, which would have been used to launder income resulting from tax evasion

The former president of the Chamber of Deputies Irene Pivetti sees confirmed by the Court of Cassation the seizure of almost 3.5 million euros in the investigation of the Milan public prosecutor’s office in which accused of tax evasion and self-laundering in the purchase and sale of three Ferrari Gran Turismo racing cars which would have had the purpose of laundering money resulting from tax evasion.

The Supreme Court rejected the request with which the defenders of Pivetti had asked to cancel the seizure obtained by the deputy prosecutor Giovanni Tarzia following the long and complex investigations carried out by the Milan Finance Police. In February, the Milan Review Court had accepted the appeal of the prosecutor who he had been rejected by the investigating judge the seizure part of about 3.5 million to the charge of the former deputy and almost half a million to one of his consultants, Pier Domenico Peirone, who has already negotiated 1 year and 10 months. Meanwhile, prosecutor Tarzia has always asked for the indictment of the former youngest president of Montecitorio and of 5 other people to the gup Fabrizio Filice who will examine the case on 6 October.

The story linked to the mediation in the sale for 10 million euros to the Chinese tycoon Zhou Xijiandi of the brand of the racing car team Gt Leo and of three racing Ferraris, which, according to the indictment, would only go to China on paper because were sold in Europe. In the deal, the Only Italia group headed by Pivetti would have realized a capital gain of 8.8 million that would not have been declared and of which 7.9 would have arrived at Pivetti itself, to which an assessment notice from the Revenue Agency for almost 3.5 million tax evasion was also delivered.

According to the indictment, the 10 million would have departed from the acquiring group of Honk Kong More & more investment of Zhou Xijian to reach Italy through a company of the Only Italia galaxy, passing through China and Poland. A tax inversion of Italian companies that would, that is, have been made to appear as if they were operating abroad but actually working in Italy where they would not have paid taxes.

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September 20, 2022 (change September 20, 2022 | 20:49)

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