Conflict in Alfa Romeo. He left because of the drivers

Pascal Picci left Islero Investments, the Alfa Romeo management company in F1. It has been speculated that the Swiss decision is related to unsuccessful talks regarding the sale of the team. The truth turned out to be quite different.

Łukasz Kuczera

Łukasz Kuczera

Robert Kubica

Press materials / Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN / In the photo: Robert Kubica

Pascal Picci was one of the people who saved Sauber from bankruptcy. After the Formula 1 team, now known as Alfa Romeo, was acquired by Longbow Finance and then Islero Investments, the Swiss headed the F1 team’s management fund.

Recently, the media circulated information about the 63-year-old’s resignation and it was speculated that it was related to unsuccessful talks regarding the sale of Sauber. A few weeks ago, Michael Andretti came close to buying the team, but negotiations ended in a fiasco in the end.

The reason turned out to be completely different. – I do not want to be associated with the management and decisions of Frederic Vasseur in the future. I can’t add anything else, Picci told

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Pulled by the tongue, a Swiss with Italian roots said a little more. – I don’t want to go into details. I am confident about the team’s future because its owners are passionate and enthusiastic about F1. For them, the priority is to protect the team. My resignation, therefore, should not be a cause for concern to Sauber’s staff. I’m sure of that, ‘added Picci.

As it turns out, the former head of Islero Investments fell into conflict with Frederic Vasseur. The French, who heads Alfa Romeo in F1, has chosen Valtteri Bottas and Guanyu Zhou for the 2022 season. Pascal Picci was against forming such a duo. “The way the drivers were selected was one of the points that led to the split between me and management,” Picci revealed.

According to unofficial information from, Picci wanted the Swiss team to continue to be closely associated with Ferrari. Meanwhile, Vasseur broke the alliance with the Italian team, limiting it only to supplying engines.

Picci also did not want Valtteri Bottas in the team, whose transfer from Mercedes caused him mixed feelings. The Swiss preferred to leave Antonio Giovinazzi in the team. “Sorry Antonio won’t be with us anymore.” At the same time, I am happy with the Guanyu transfer. I’ve known this boy since I was a child, including his family, because we took them to the Sauber talent academy years ago. I also know that this move may open up new trading opportunities for us – said the former head of Islero Investments.

The words of the former head of Islero Investments show that the choice of Alfa Romeo drivers for the 2022 season caused a lot of controversy within the company. Vasseur will now be under pressure. If the Bottas-Zhou duo do not score sufficiently on the track next year, the responsibility will fall entirely on the shoulders of the French.

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