Confrontation avoided at Jane Birkin’s funeral!

This Monday, July 24, the Saint-Roch church in Paris was the place to gather to pay final respects to Jane Birkin during her funeral. Several celebrities from the entertainment world were present, including Vanessa Paradis’ former partner Benjamin Biolay.

The 50-year-old singer arrived with his ex-wife Chiara Mastroianni and his ex-mother-in-law, Catherine Deneuve.

However, Vanessa Paradis’ presence at the ceremony would also have been marked by gestures of abstinence towards Benjamin Biolay, with whom she would have avoided all contact since their breakup in 2015.

But what could have happened to get there? According to the late biographer Hughes Royer, Vanessa Paradis aspired for a stable and solid relationship, inspired by the parental family model.

However, she may have tried to domesticate Benjamin Biolay, a free and wild spirit. Despite their efforts to build a relationship, the geographic distance, especially after she moved him to Los Angeles, would complicate things. According to information from Paris Match, in search of freedom Benjamin Biolay may have finally decided to break away from his last spring. And since then, the singer has rebuilt her life with Samuel Benchetrit.

The separation must have left its mark, and at Jane Birkin’s funeral, the two former lovers carefully chose to keep their distance from each other. A moment of farewell was full of things and feelings left untold.

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