Connecticut fire kills four children

Somers, Connecticut A fire in northern Connecticut destroyed a multifamily home Tuesday night Four children and several animals died as firefighters struggled to carry out rescue efforts because of the chaos, authorities said.

Four children killed in Somers fire They are 5, 6, 8 and 12 years old and live in one side of the house with their mother and three other siblings. firefighters and city officials said. The mother was not home at the time and her 19-year-old daughter, who was watching other children, escaped by jumping out of a second-story window. First Selectman Tim Keeney said.

It was unclear what caused the fire in the town of less than 10,000 people, about 40 kilometers northeast of Hartford. Local and state authorities are investigating the incident. State Police Trooper 1st Class Pedro Muñiz said the fire did not appear to be caused by a criminal act.

“This is a small community, so everyone knows each other, and these are obviously four kids in our community, so it’s definitely taking a toll on our members,” city Fire Chief John Roach said in the early afternoon Said at a press conference some time ago. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.”

A neighbor who asked not to be named described a harrowing scene in which people screamed and three survivors jumped from the second floor. He said the mother worked nights and often left her daughter to look after her young children.

Inspectors taking measurements Wednesday toured the shell of the home, where several charred bicycles and a basketball lay near the front steps.

Firefighters rescued three dogs from the home, but one litter of puppies died, Roach said.

A 19-year-old daughter and her two brothers survive. One of them suffered serious burns and the other two suffered minor injuries. Authorities said, but did not disclose which brother was seriously injured.

Four people on the other side of the house escaped without serious injuries. A firefighter was burned and released from hospital after treatment. according to authorities.

Coroner James Gill said all the victims died from smoke inhalation and burns. The names of the victims have not been released because they have not been identified.

The fire broke out around 10:30 p.m., and first firefighters arrived about five minutes later to find the entire front of the house on fire, Roach said. He said the flames made it difficult to enter through the front door and objects in the house also made it difficult to enter through the back door. About 60 firefighters from 12 fire stations participated in the fire rescue.

“This is an unprecedented tragedy for this city,” Keeney, the first-term council member, said Wednesday afternoon. “In this small town, people know their neighbors and people know these kids.”

On Wednesday, Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont was also on hand to express his condolences.

Families who lost loved ones in the fire were assisted by the American Red Cross and social services officials, according to authorities. The city has also set up an “angel fund” to raise donations for the family, Keeney said. Family and friends also created a GoFundMe page to help raise money for both families.

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