Consequences of the documentary “Framing Britney Spears”

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A New York Times documentary, Framing Britney Spears, reheated the discussion about the singer’s legal status and the causes that led to her 2007 nervous breakdown. “We are all to blame,” roar the headlines of the foreign press, and more stars join the #FreeBritney movement. On the wave of accusations against her father Jamie, the court granted the artist’s requests for the first time.

The documentary “Framing Britney”, released a few days ago, follows the star’s career from humble beginnings through the period of his greatest success to the events of 2007 and ongoing court battles with his father-curator. The archival material is accompanied by interviews with those closest to Spears who shed new light on the case.

(Photo: press materials)

The following spoke, among others Felicia Culotta, a longtime friend of the family and actually Britney’s nanny. It was she who accompanied the artist when she took her first steps in show business. Kim Kaiman from Jive Records also talked about the way to the top. – Jamie was practically gone at first. The only thing I ever heard from him was, “My daughter is going to be so rich that one day she’ll buy me a boat.” That’s all I have to say about it She replied bitterly. The documentary paid much attention to how Britney felt enslaved. Hayley Hill, a stylist who worked with some of the greatest celebrities of the 2000s, said: – Her private life and relationships were on the lips of the whole world. Nobody was followed like her. The situation is not surprising, considering that the journalists of the New York Times have found information that for one photo of the artist one could get up to a million dollars. Interviews with Britney were recalled in which she repeatedly begged for a bit of privacy.

(Photo: press materials)

The next set for the film is in 2008, when the court granted Jamie Spears custody of his daughter. Then another hell began for her. “I’m afraid of him,” she would tell lawyers. Interestingly, journalists have suggested that Britney’s nervous breakdown may have been linked to postpartum depression. Her mother is of the same opinion.

The image of a broken star in the claws of bloodthirsty tabloids and judges launched another hashtag right after #FreeBritney – #wearesorrybritney. Courtney Love Cobain has already published it on social media. Cher, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sharon Stone, Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus, Sam Smith and Ellie Goulding also joined the appeals for the artist’s help. Supposedly in response, on February 9, Britney posted a post in which she writes that “no matter what you think about the lives of others, it has nothing to do with reality.” At the same time, “Page Six” reports that the singer, after watching the material, “finally sees the light in the tunnel.” He is also to work silently on his own document.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, a court granted a private trust firm the power to co-manage the Spears estate, meaning Jamie is losing monopoly over his daughter’s finances.

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