Construction of a house up to 70 sq m without permission. The rules take effect

Today, regulations allowing the construction of single-family houses up to 70 sq m without obtaining a building permit, appointment of a construction manager and keeping a construction log, enter into force, in the procedure of the so-called applications with the construction project. Such buildings are to be free-standing, with a maximum of two storeys, built to meet the investor’s own housing needs.

It will be possible to start construction immediately after the architectural and construction administration has received an appropriate application along with a complete set of documents. The notification will need to be accompanied by additional declarations that: the planned construction is carried out to meet their own housing needs, the investor accepts responsibility for managing the construction if the construction manager is not appointed and that the documentation attached to the notification is complete.

Construction of a house with a development area of ​​up to 70 sq m in a simplified procedure must comply with the provisions of the local spatial development plan. In the absence of it, it will be necessary, as before, to obtain a zoning decision. The commune will have 21 days to issue a decision.

According to the regulations, the number of designed buildings cannot exceed one for every 500 square meters of the plot area. This is to ensure that the designed structure will only serve individual purposes, and not the construction of multi-building housing estates.

According to the announcements of the Ministry of Development, at the end of January, the results of the competition for the best house designs up to 70 sq m will be announced. In the second quarter of next year, construction projects intended for multiple use will be made available for free on a specially created website at

Also today, the regulation of the Minister of Development and Technology enters into force on the specimen of the application form for determining the location of public purpose investments or development conditions. This regulation specifies a uniform application form. Thanks to this, everyone will be able to use the e-Budownictwo application (available at to submit a digital application for a zoning decision, without the need to visit the office or post office. The application will also contain instructions on how to correctly fill in and attach the required documents.

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