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The A2 motorway is one of the most important routes not only in Poland, but also in the whole of Europe. It is part of the E30 route from the Irish port of Cork to Omsk in Russia. The Polish section of the motorway is already passable from the border with Germany to the town of Kałuszyn located between Mińsk Mazowiecki and Siedlce. Currently, 101 km of the route east of Kałuszyn is already under construction, and formalities are being prepared for the remaining ones. Here is the GDDKiA report on the current status of works on the A2 motorway.

A2 highway map with construction plan

Photo: GDDKiA

A2 highway map with construction plan

A2 Mińsk Mazowiecki – Siedlce (approx. 37.5 km)

In the sections Kałuszyn – Groszki and Gręzów – Siedlce West, work is just starting and cutting trees for the route. Currently, environmental, sapper and archaeological research is being carried out. The works are to be completed in autumn 2023. In turn, in the case of the Groszki – Gręzów section, proceedings are underway to issue a ZRID decision. If the works are completed on time, drivers should take the A2 from Kałuszyn to Siedlce in the summer of 2024.

A2 Siedlce – Biała Podlaska (approx. 63.5 km)

The works have not started yet, but the contractors are already selected. In the case of the sections Malinowiec – Łukowisko junction, Łukowisko junction – Swory and Swory – Biała Podlaska junction, applications for a ZRID decision have been submitted. The least advanced are the preparations for the construction of the section from the Siedlce bypass to the town of Malinowiec. The entire section from Siedlce to Biała Podlaska, 63.5 km long, is to be ready also in the summer of 2024.

A2 Biała Podlaska – Kukuryki (approx. 32 km)

The works are the least advanced here. Currently, GDDKiA is waiting for the ZRID decision to be issued for the construction of the last section of the A2 motorway from the Biała Podlaska junction to the state border with Belarus (Kukuryki). The next stage will be to obtain financing, will be the announcement of a tender for the implementation of the investment. In this case, the implementation deadlines are not known yet.

Extension of A2 to the west of the capital

Currently, consultations are also underway on the contract plan for the extension of the A2 motorway between Warsaw and Łódź. According to the information provided by GDDKiA, the tender for the extension of the route will be announced next year. Ultimately, the A2 motorway from the Konotopa junction to the Pruszków junction will have two roadways with four lanes each, while the section up to the Łódź Północ junction will have two roadways with three lanes each.

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