Consumers, new EU rules on protection and compensation for defective and digital products –

Consumer protection

First, the EU proposes to modernize the strict producer responsibility rules for defective devices, from smart technology to the pharmaceutical sector. L‘intent to give companies a legal certainty that can be an instrument useful to invest in new and innovative devices, as well as to insure consumers harmed by defective ones, including refurbished ones, so that they can obtain fair compensation. Secondly, the European institutions propose to harmonize national liability rules for artificial intelligence in a targeted manner, making it easier for victims of damage to obtain compensation. With the new rules, therefore, new standards of protection are established that guarantee consumers protection from damage related to artificial intelligence as if they were related to anything else.

Protection of companies

In addition to protecting consumers, another important objective is to foster the business models of a circular economy: the rules will be clear and fair even for companies that substantially modify products by addressing the vulnerabilities of cyber security. The consequent effect that devices such as robots, drones or smart home systems will be made protected by software updates and implementations of artificial intelligence or digital services. The Commission also intends a make the conditions suitable also between EU and non-EU producers: in case of customers damaged by products imported from non-European countries, it will be possible to contact the important body or an EU representative for compensation. For the artificial intelligence (AI) sector, the Commission proposes uniform rules for access to information and for handling complaints outside the scope of the Product Liability Directive, in cases where damage is caused from unlawful conduct. This means guaranteeing coverage in the event of a breach of privacy.

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