Conte posts a video against Giorgia Meloni’s maneuver. Thus the leader of the M5S unmasks the measures that bring Italians to their knees

The maneuver of the Meloni government was approved in the CDM, on the night of Tuesday 22 November, but the leader of the 5 Star Movement, Joseph Contedoesn’t fit and has posted a video on his social media channels to denounce all the measures that will bring Italian families to their knees in the coming months.


The president of the M5S on the maneuver: “It brings the Italians to their knees”

“In a pandemic Giorgia Meloni he asked my government for 1000 euros for everyone with a click. In his first manoeuvre, in the midst of an energy emergency, he brings the Italians to their knees”. This is the caption that accompanies the video made by the president of the 5 Star Movement Joseph Conte against the maneuver devised by Georgia Melons.

Message and video were shared by Conte on his social networks on the evening of Thursday 24 November. In particular, the clip shows a statement made by the current Prime Minister il March 31, 2020. In fact, Meloni is heard stating that he has sent the then Prime Minister Conte one letter with which he presented an articulated proposal to credit “immediately thousand euros in the current account of all the Italians who need it”.

While the voice of the leader of the Brothers of Italy continues to be heard in the background, the shot of the video shifts to Conte who, remaining silent and opting for a perfect style Love Actuallyholds some summary signs on the measures included in the maneuver approved by the Government.

Conte posts a video against Giorgia Meloni’s maneuver and opts for the Love Actually model

THE placards exhibited by Conte report the following observations: “Alone 10 euros per month more for workers. Zero euros a 660 thousand people who will return to absolute poverty. Cutting of 6 billion euros in 2 years on pensions. Dear-petrol: 150 euros of extra spending for families”.

In this way, the leader of the 5S has unmasked the measures that will weigh heavily on the shoulders of the Italians from an economic point of view. The next sign, in fact, is a print of one of the posters used by the Brothers of Italy in countrysideelectoral on which Meloni’s face is depicted alongside the word “Ready”. This is followed by the question: “Ready?”.

“…to bring the Italians to their knees”, concludes the people’s advocate with the last placard.

The world of politics is not new to references that draw from films such as Christmas Love Actually and, above all, from the cartel scene that it has as protagonists Andrew Lincoln And Keira Knightley. In 2019, for example, the former British prime minister Boris Johnson has made a film to convince the population of the United Kingdom to vote in favor of Brexit using the same expedient used in the film.

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