Conte with a straight leg on Letta after the closing of the agreements in the center-left: “The Constitution does not defend itself with the crowds”

Farewell to the planisphere pact and the agreement between the Democratic Party and the M5s to run together towards the 2023 elections which, following the crisis of the government led by Mario Draghi, will take place in advance on 25 September. And after the closing of the agreements for the center-left alliance by the dem secretary Enrico Letta, thanks to the pact signed with the Civic Commitment of Luigi Di Maio and Tabacci, both the one with Bonelli’s Verdi and Nicola Fratoianni’s Sinistra Italiana, in which in recent days had opened the doors for a possible alliance, Giuseppe Conte goes to the attack of the newly formed center-left coalition, from whose perimeter the M5s has however been excluded. “Defending the Constitution means having clear ideas, not making crowds and sharing out constituencies and places», The grillino leader wrote on social media. The Volturara lawyer Appula “takes the chair” and explains that the “need to defend the Constitution” mentioned by Letta, should translate into “defending the dignity of work, protecting the environment and biodiversity, investing in health and in education, protect unsecured citizens, the impoverished middle class, small businesses, VAT numbers ».

Conte, in his long post, continues: «The Constitution defends itself by introducing the minimum wage a 9 euros per hour, countering precariousness, intervening for young people who cannot buy a house, investing in territorial medicine and public health, in renewables and not in drills and incinerators. These are our ideas and we will carry them out indefinitely, whatever the cost: these are all things the right-wing coalition does not want to do“. And the former premier argues that all these points will not be prosecutable within what Conte defines “a bunch“.

«These are all things that the heaps that arise from Calenda, to Letta, to Gelmini, but they cannot do – writes the pentastellato leader -. Sorry for militants and entire political communities who have illustrious stories behind them, studded with noble battles for civil rights and social issues. I deeply respect these ideas, these stories, but we must take note which in these hours are overtaken by top-down decisions which offer no plausible political perspective ”. And Conte, in conclusion, relaunches: «To the citizens we offer a clear idea of ​​the country. We are there. For those who want to be on the right side ».

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