Contemporary princesses are inspired by the style of Grace Kelly

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The timelessness of Grace Kelly’s style is reflected in contemporary attire. Princesses eagerly refer to her style. From Diana to Kitty Spencer, these are the outfits that remind us of the princess of Monaco’s wardrobe.

Within a decade, Grace Kelly transformed from a golden Hollywood girl into a Monaco princess. Her wedding with Prince Rainier III in April 1956 is still remembered today. Designed by Oscar-winning costume designer Helen Rose, the gown was studded with pearls and two miniature love birds embroidered on the edges of the veil.

Though Princess Grace turned the silver screen into a Mediterranean palace, her unique sense of style remained unchanged. The royal grace predestined her to court life. Dresses from Hitchcock movies such as “The Window to the Backyard” and “The Thief in the Hotel,” elegant button-down T-shirts tucked into trousers and midi skirts, French Alençon lace and enough flowers to fill an entire rose garden.

The timelessness of Grace’s style is confirmed by contemporary attire. Princesses eagerly refer to her style. From Lady Kitty Spencer and the Duchess of Cambridge to Princess Diana and Meghan Markle, these are the outfits that reminded us of Princess Grace’s wardrobe.

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1/14 Grace Kelly (1955) and Princess Diana (1987)

In 1987, Princess Diana stepped onto the Cannes red carpet wearing a blue Catherine Walker outfit. Her chiffon gown was strikingly similar to the vintage gown that Grace Kelly wore in the movie Thief at the Hotel.

2/14 Grace Kelly (1954) and Meghan Markle (2020)

The black sleeveless turtleneck that the Duchess of Sussex wore to her virtual performance for World Mental Health Day 2020 seemed like Princess Grace’s signature 1954 outfit, tucked into a pair of high waisted beige pants.

3/14 Grace Kelly (circa 1955) and Queen Letitia (2021)

A flared skirt, rolled-up sleeves, and a belt that accentuated the waist – that’s what Grace used to wear, and now Letitia.

4/14 Grace Kelly (1956) and Princess Diana (1986)

Two princesses in pink. In this portrait of Princess Diana with the young Prince Harry, taken in front of Highgrove in July 1986, the Duchess is wearing a cardigan almost identical to the shade of pink that Princess Grace wore on a Mediterranean cruise in 1956.

5/14 Grace Kelly (circa 1955) and Princess Anna (1981)

The Ivory Duchess Anna cape, worn by the princess a few weeks before the birth of Zara’s daughter, it is impossible not to notice a bit of an interpretation of Princess Grace’s traveling attire.

6/14 Grace Kelly (1956) and Meghan Markle (2018)

Princess Grace starred in the movie “Highlands” in many stunning looks, but this Greek styling is one of her best. Meghan wore Theia gown on a trip to Tonga, and her white gown had the same sleeves, though more subtly draped.

7/14 Grace Kelly (1954) and Lady Kitty Spencer (2021)

Everything from the neckline, floral details at the waist to blonde hair, alludes to the dress that Princess Grace wore in “Window to the Backyard”.

8/14 Grace Kelly (1955) and Lady Kitty Spencer (2018)

The famous floral midi dress worn by Princess Grace in 1955 was reproduced by Lady Kitty Spencer during her visit to the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The modest neckline remained the same, but all other elements of the dress were modernized – floral patterns, placed only on the skirt, and the lowered waist of the dress.

9/14 Grace Kelly (1956) and Lady Kitty Spencer (2021)

The similarities between the iconic Grace Kelly wedding dress and the Dolce & Gabbana wedding dress that Lady Kitty Spencer wore to her wedding with billionaire Michael Lewis are hard to miss. From a high neckline to long lace sleeves and a spectacular train, Lady Kitty’s gown is reminiscent of a princess gown.

10/14 Grace Kelly (circa 1955) and Princess Diana (1997)

The combination of a button-up shirt and high-waisted trousers is Grace’s favorite outfit for the holidays. Diana also liked this unpretentious style.

11/14 Grace Kelly (1955) and Kate Middleton (2019)

Drop-shaped earrings, a necklace and a heart-shaped neckline instantly sparked associations with Grace. Kate added a luxurious element to the outfit by decorating her hairstyle with a tiara.

12/14 Grace Kelly (circa 1970) and Kate Middleton (2019)

The Duchess of Cambridge looked like a dream dressed as Alexander McQueen at the 2019 Trooping the Color celebrations. Kate wore a yellow coat featuring Philip Treacy’s fascinator. Princess Grace also wore this expressive shade and big hats.

13/14 Grace Kelly (1952) and Meghan Markle (2019)

From a white shirt and pleated skirt to slicked back hair, the 2019 Wimbledon Duchess of Sussex outfit is reminiscent of what Grace Kelly wore in the early 1950s. Of course, both characters share not only the style, but also the transformation from an actress into a princess.

14/14 Grace Kelly (circa 1970) and Kate Middleton (2019)

The Alexander McQueen cape gown that the Duchess of Cambridge wore on her 2018 Scandinavian tour is very similar to the one Duchess Grace herself wore in 1970, from pale colors to see-through layers.

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