Conti Leonardo, financial data for 2021. 2022 dividend of 0.14 euros

In addition, the management of the aerospace company has released financial estimates for 2022.

leonardo_6Leonardo communicated i financial results for 2021the year ended with growing revenues and sharply improving profitability.

In addition, the management of the aerospace company has communicated the financial estimates for 2022 and proposed the distribution of the 2022 dividend.

Leonardo ended the year under review with revenues for 14.14 billion euros, an increase of 5.4% compared to the 13.41 billion obtained the previous year. Leonardo specified that turnover was driven by the performance of the European component of Defense and Security Electronics and Helicopters, only partially mitigated by the planned reduction in Aerostructures which continues to be affected by the decline in production rates on the B787 and ATR. Management estimated revenues of between 13.8 and 14.3 billion euros.

The Operating income it jumped from 517 million to 911 million euros, with a significant increase in all business sectors, due to the higher volumes of revenues and the improvement in profitability; there marginality it rose to 6.4%.

Leonardo ended 2021 with Net income (excluding minority interests) of 585 million euros, an improvement on the 241 million recorded in the previous year; L’earning per share was 1,019 euros.

In the solo fourth quarter 2021 revenues increased from 4.39 billion to 4.57 billion euros, while net profit increased from 105 million to 357 million euros.

At the end of 2021 thenet debt di Leonardo had dropped to 3.12 billion euros, mainly due to the trend in cash flow (40 million euros in 2021).

Also at the end of 2021 the order book it was equal to 35.53 billion euro, an amount that ensures coverage in terms of production equivalent to approximately 2.5 years; in the whole of 2021 Leonardo acquired orders for 14.31 billion.

Based on these results, Leonardo communicated the financial estimates for 2022.

In detail, management provides revenues of between 14.5 and 15 billion euros, thanks to the contribution of new orders and the development of portfolio activities on programs in the Defense / Government sector. Profitability is also expected to rise, with a EBITA between 1.18 and 1.22 billion eurossupported by the growth in volumes and the confirmation of excellent levels of industrial profitability in the main business areas.

Net debt should be reduced to 3.1 billion euros, including the acquisition of 25.1% of Hensoldt, the hypothesis of business sale as well as the expected payment of dividends.

Leonardo estimates orders totaling approximately 15 billion euros.

Furthermore, the management specified that the company is not significantly exposed to Russia and Ukraine. Specifically, the order backlog to Russia is around 25 million euros, while the backlog to Ukraine is around 8 million.

Leonardo’s management has proposed the distribution of dividend 2022 (relating to the 2021 financial year) € 0.14 per share. The coupon will be detached on Monday 20 June 2022 and paid on June 22.

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