Contribution of four decades in democracy

Senate President says END is an example of innovation; Roman Jakusz: Four Decades of Contribution to Democracy

Follow the flow of congratulations on the 42nd anniversary of this newspaper

New Diary, Santo Domingo. – Senate President Eduardo Estrella assures that El Nuevo Diario is a newspaper that has fully fulfilled its role of objectively informing the Dominican population about everything that happens nationally and internationally.

“We highlight the social commitment, dedication, adherence to credibility and above all journalistic ethics, which have characterized his work in each installment for over four decades, where he has proved to be an example of innovation and constant updating,” says the senator. Are. Santiago Province. In a congratulatory letter on the occasion of the recent 42nd anniversary of the establishment of this medium.

JCE President

The chairman of the Central Electoral Board (JCE), Roman Jacques Liranzo, acknowledged the paper’s contribution to democracy for more than four decades, a work he says should be recognised, valued and celebrated.

“Invite you to continue contributing from the pages of El Nuevo Diario, a medium that has seen personalities from the press parade who, together with you, have helped to be the voice of all social sectors, especially those most in need.” have contributed,” insisted Jacques Liranzo.

Percio Maldonado Sánchez, General Director of El Nuevo Diario, during his speech during the opening ceremony of the TV channel and the renovation of the Santiago office. (Photo: Felix Lara).


Franklin García Fermín, Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology (Mesquit), explained that El Nuevo Diario was born as a newspaper to debate ideas about events and challenges of Dominican society.

García Fermín expressed his congratulations for the 42 years of the medium’s existence, saying, “From day one its release was a resounding success, as it opened a space for a journalism that flourished in an atmosphere of great political and social excitement.” evolved.” Foundation.


César Dargham Espilette, Vice President of the National Council of Private Enterprise (CONEP), said that END has stood as a benchmark in the field of journalism, “maintaining the highest standards of quality and informational ethics. Over the years, they have contributed to the development of news and have been an invaluable source of information, providing the community with an objective and accurate view of local, national and international events.”

In this sense, he valued his hard work and the role played by this medium to stake claim for a country. Which, according to Connapp, has shown “an extraordinary ability” to adapt to change and use new technologies to provide its readers with a unique information experience.


Maria Elena Vasquez Taveras, President of the Board of Directors of the National Commission for the Defense of Competition, described El Nuevo Diario as a medium focused on providing transparent, critical and objective journalism to our society every day, “We want you to Many more years of service, successes and consistency, with the quality that characterizes them.

“At ProCompetencia we would like to appreciate your unconditional solidarity in promoting a culture of free and fair competition between economic agents, consumers and users in the markets of goods and services. For this reason, we celebrate the trajectory that has taken them sets it apart”, he indicated through a congratulatory letter addressed to the medium on completion of 42 years of its existence recently.

National treasure

Luis Rafael Delgado Sánchez, National Treasurer, commended the “so important” work done by El Nuevo Diario, with which, in his opinion, it meets the information and orientation needs of citizens for the benefit of democracy and freedom of expression. contributes to. Expression

“In this new anniversary we predict more and more successes”, the controller concluded.

financial analysis unit

Aileen Guzmán Coste, General Director of the Financial Analysis Unit (UAF), said that since its founding in May 1981, El Nuevo Diario has been a benchmark for journalism in the Dominican Republic and has been recognized for its commitment to the truth. fairness and transparency.

To this, the director of UAF said that the medium stands out for its innovative potential and its constant endeavor to diversify the means and venues to communicate effectively and truthfully.

“His approach has set benchmarks in the field of journalism and has been a model for other media outlets in the country,” he said.

Share Market

Ernesto Bornigal Reed, Superintendent of the Stock Market of the Dominican Republic, understands that El Nuevo Diario is characterized as a medium that has become a benchmark for good communication and responsible journalism over the past four decades.

In a congratulatory letter on the completion of 42 years of its foundation, Bornigal Reid praised the social service that the medium has evolved from such an important information platform with national and international reach.


Laura Peña Izquierdo, president of the Employers’ Confederation of the Dominican Republic, praised El Nuevo Diario’s “tough and transcendental” trajectory and defined it as a medium focused on work and commitment to Dominican society.

“We congratulate and praise the itinerary of this renowned newspaper, as its work, dedication and willingness to always defend the just cause with clarity and responsibility in favor of human rights have made it one of the most important media of the country. We wish you that these values, along with success, remain by your side for many years to come,” said Peña Izquierdo.

internal energy

Roberto Herrera, Country Manager of the InterEnergy Group in the Dominican Republic, recognized that it provides an informational line on the rights and freedom of expression of Dominican society.

“It is our desire to extend this recognition to the valuable team that accompanies him, whose contributions have maintained the objectivity and respect for relevant news events of a national nature,” he stressed.


Banesco Banco Múltiple Executive President María Clara Álvarez recognized the “invaluable” contribution that El Nuevo Diario makes to Dominican society, providing information on national events that inform citizens about key issues affecting public opinion. allows me to know.

He affirmed that, for Benesco, it is a matter of pride to celebrate the 42nd anniversary of this medium, which distinguishes the team he works with, who, in his opinion, have “integrity and commitment within the newspaper”. Speciality.

National Asset/CEA

Raphael A. Burgos Gómez, General Director of National Assets and Honorary Officer of the CEA State Sugar Council), congratulated El Nuevo Diario for its “impeccable records, for truthfully and impartially informing our country about daily events.”

Duartian Institute

Wilson Gómez Ramírez, president of the Duarteño Institute, highlighted that END has always acted on news based on ethical and moral principles, based on the example that our founding father, Juan Pablo Duarte y Diez, bequeathed to us. Are.

“We appreciate the news coverage they have offered across their editions, which have been recognized for their innovation, objectivity and professionalism; “This morning’s paper has honored a patriotic commitment to present the truth to Dominicans, for the sake of the sovereignty of our nation,” said Gómez Martínez via a letter sent to this medium.

“We embark on more years for the Dominican people to convey “things … as they are,” he concluded.

YoDominican Postal Institute

Eric Guzmán, general director of the Dominican Postal Institute, indicated that El Nuevo Diario is doing informative and transformative work, becoming a benchmark for communication innovation in the country over the years.

DR Embassy in Brazil

The Ambassador of the Dominican Republic to Brazil, Patricia Villegas de Jorge, recognized that El Nuevo Diario served as a journalistic tool in favor of democracy in the DR, “where its trajectory is to follow the bright path in consolidating the Dominican press and independence”. Will continue to press”.

He took the opportunity to wish the medium the best of success, and added that the achievements of this anniversary “are only the seeds being planted and they will be reaped with enormous future in the years to come”, concluded Villegas de Jorge.

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