Control – quality beyond measure, this is what physics looks like in games and more

Control is an extremely interesting case not only on a conceptual but also technical level. We are seemingly in a sterile office building. It would seem, nothing above architectural standards. The show begins when Hiss enters the game, or rather those distorted by his presence. For decades, Remedy has been able to efficiently translate the systemic foundations into boxes characteristic of narration. This was the case with Alan Wake and Quantum Break. The element of supernatural phenomena, control of time and places has been part of the studio’s creative menu almost from the beginning of its commercial work.

The script often serves the purpose of trying to understand and confront an undefined being. Traveling through the subsequent departments of FBK, we wonder what Syk really is. A being, a phenomenon, an object of power or a hellish dimension? Is it all at once? Control does not work on the senses of the recipient from the very first moments. Only after a few hours will you realize that all the changes and phenomena taking place inside the Oldest Residence are not the result of a creative accident. It’s a chaotic structure thought out from scratch. Jessie Faden, new director, servo-weapon. The paradox, in fact, of Control is the creators’ obsessive approach to the laws of physics. Who would want to be mathematically accurate in throwing objects into an environment full of interdimensional anomalies? Applause for Remedy.

Movement is power

Control and Physics

Control is hard evidence that the devil is in the detail. The main character is not captivating from the very first moments. Her personal duty to find a loved one will not stand out beyond measure. Even after crossing the Oldest Seat, invisible to ordinary residents, we have no idea what attractions await inside the next sectors. The metroidvanic structure should be mentioned because it is another argument about how species and subspecies of distant generations can live in a conceptual symbiosis. Because that’s what happens at Control. The fusion of several reliable solutions supported by an amazing story of what is true and what is illusion. For the lion’s share of the game, the player does not know what he is dealing with. The presence of Jessie as the new director, chosen by the procedural machine of the Board, present only on the astral plane. In all its technical message, involving a third-person shooting with the use of truly superhero powers, Remedy’s work creates a very scientific background image.

Behind the walls of the Oldest Residence, the term “mad scientist” sounds as ironic as it is serious. Control is one big, well-thought-out contrast. Paranormalities with the observance of the laws of physics. Two contradictions create one of the most phenomenal games of recent years. The core area of ​​the scenario is essentially an introduction to the true art of supernatural improvisation found in both DLCs. After entering FBK, the title does not knock out. There is a strong progression loop at work here, both for Jessie and the rest. Defeating successive sectors, regaining checkpoints, continuous strengthening of characters. At first glance, nothing more than we’ve seen in many similar games. With Control, however, something is different. The creators have never classified their genre. We catch something on the verge of horror, action game, and psychological thriller. As with Alan Wake, we are constantly confronted with an unknown counterweight.

Somewhere in the anomalous chaos there is a stable hierarchy of the workforce. Control is even something of a metaphor for today’s corporations and the people who work within them. The hiss distorts and at the same time adds a pinch of ungrateful truth which is illusory everyday life. If we looked at the picture more broadly, wouldn’t we experience a slight distortion from the accepted norms and standardization in life? Let us postpone the philosophical premises for another time. Control, thanks to its fantastic narrative layer and Remedy’s rich workshop, turns out to be the strongest point in the studio’s history so far. Written history is a great breakthrough which Max Payne turned out to be. Tradition should be respected. Even Control does not deviate from its roots. The gameplay approach is still based on the developer’s early career. The rest is just a sophisticated addition. Without unnecessary sticking to the walls, self-healing health or auto-targeting. Purebred third-person shooter.

A lot of impressions

Control and Physics

The title of the game is ambiguous. It refers to a written history that revolves around attempts to understand and control phenomena that go beyond human perception. Each presence of a different kind is presented in a categorized form. Hence, the sudden entry of Syk undermines the Bureau’s efforts to date. With time, I began to interpret this existence as a destruction combined with a kind of salvation. The content of numerous documentation indicated interesting relationships. Control is content written in scientific language. For one hundred percent understanding of history, you need a firm concentration of mind. Fortunately, the gameplay is the second reflection of the game’s naming. Entering subsequent rooms, the narrative of the clashes lies solely in our control of the situation. I’ve never seen such refined physics in a game before. It’s amazing how many particle effects are hidden behind a single table, chair or monitor. DICE itself could learn.

By using the power of thrusting with objects, the effects of which affect everything that gets in the way of the pressed element of the office. The scraps of paper will soar upwards, the walls will be scratched with the effects of the impact. Each acquired power is a new opportunity to experiment with the seemingly hermetic world inside the Office building. This is another strong contrast. Here is a game in a closed environment with hundreds of possibilities to use the laws of physics, preserved to the maximum. Fighting is a Remedy class in itself. Constant maneuvering, quick fire exchange, using supernatural benefits. Control, thanks to the consoles of the current generation, reveals almost its full potential. Though designed and constructed as a great story, it shines just as strongly in terms of technology. Older consoles suffered from numerous performance issues. The game was far ahead of its processing capacity, leaving the main course more for PC culture.

Thanks to the new generation update, along with the availability of the Ultimate Edition in Sony and Microsoft services, the title looks like it was released only recently. However, I definitely prefer the performance mode. With such intensity of the clashes with 100% interaction of the environment, I cannot imagine less fluidity. Unless you care about reflecting Jessie from glass surfaces, which are quite a lot inside the Oldest Dwelling. Whichever option you choose, Control is ahead of its time in the field of physics. Something that developers have an eternal problem with finds a recipe for success in Remedy’s latest piece. Maybe the penultimate one. I hope for a strong sequel.

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