After the announcement of Remedy Entertainment for Control’s post-launch content, the fans indulged in imagining that the AWE expansion coming out in 2020 had to do with Alan Wake.

Control will see the release of a series of features, modes, and expansions over the coming months, as reported a few hours ago. One package in particular, however, suggests a possible crossover with the universe of Alan Wake.

We speak of the second expansion, not surprisingly titled AWE (which could stand for “Altered World Events’, of course, but also for” Experience Alan Wake “, as carried an easter egg of Quantum Break ), arriving in mid-2020.

Given the issues addressed in the campaign of Control is not hard to imagine opening a dimensional rift that puts Jesse Faden in contact with the famous writer created by Remedy Entertainment and with his own nightmares.

The characters used for the expansion logo, which clearly refer to that of Alan Wake, make us think of this eventuality. Is it a prank by Sam Lake or is there something concrete?

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