Controversy over the Brussels Airlines logo. The memes were created. The Polish portal also took the floor

On November 18, Brussels Airlines unveiled the new logo and branding of its airline fleet on social media, which immediately sparked an avalanche of comments. The commentators pointed out that the new logo and the refreshed graphic design on the Belgian planes are confusingly similar to those known from the Croatia Airlines planes.

Memes on this subject appeared almost immediately on the Internet, and one of them made available by the portal refers to writing down homework assignments and making rudimentary changes in them in such a way that the teacher could not catch the “source of inspiration”.


A popular meme about the similarities between Brussels Airlines and Croatia Airlines planes

New logo and graphic design of Brussels Airlines planes also commented on in Poland

However, the similarities between the logo are noticed not only by travel and aviation fans. also decided to speak in the case, which in the comment to the Brussels Airlines entry announcing the change of the logo and graphic design of the planes, wrote that the logo of the Belgian carrier is confusingly similar to the logo of the Polish portal and called it twin.

“Hi Brussels Airlines! We like your new logo, great minds think so too! We’re sure our business owners will overwork it, but since we’re #LogoTwins, let’s get to know each other. We will start: we are, a 20-year-old Polish news portal with millions of readers. We can see that you like planes or something, “wrote jokingly in the commentary on the Brussels Airlines logo change on Facebook.

Photo: comment on the changed Brussels Airlines logo

A few hours after’s entry, Brussels Airlines responded to her comment by adding an entry with a short gif with the words “Twinning is Winning”.


Brussels Airlines’ response to entry

Photo: Facebook / brusselsairlines / gazetapl / croatiaairlines

Brussels Airlines, and Croatia Airlines logos on Facebook


A meme comparing Brussels Airlines and Croatia Airlines planes

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