Cool. Now Spotify has the same problem as YouTube

Spotify can’t deal with content that could undermine doctors’ positions and thus turn a huge group of people against vaccines.

COVID-19 is not letting go, and the fact that the fourth wave is not over yet, and there are already huffing at five, shows that as a society we have completely failed to deal with the pandemic and we were unable to enforce such behavior that would allow us to end the current situation. There are many reasons for this, and one of them is the huge group of people who are convinced that vaccines are harmful, even despite the fact that today most of the people who are severely suffering from and dying from COVID-19 are unvaccinated. Of course – opponents of vaccination have existed since vaccination has existed, but today people who question research and the position of experts have a very good tool to promote their theories – social media.

Spotify has the same problem as YouTube and cannot deal with it

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Google platform has fought misleading conspiracy content and theories about the pandemic, but it is fighting so effectively that these materials still appear on the website. However, I suspect that if YouTube did not do this at all, it would be downright inundated with videos linking the coronavirus to 5G and earth polarity. Unfortunately, not all websites have adopted such a policy. One of them is Spotify, to which a group of 250 medical specialists has recently issued an open letter in which they show how the platform’s lack of control over the content appearing there can lead to the spread of disinformation about the virus and ways to fight it.

The letter was mostly about Joe Rogan’s podcast, which said, “By allowing false and socially harmful claims to be propagated, Spotify enables creators to destroy public confidence in research and cast doubt on the credibility of evidence-based guidance offered by doctors.” more than 11 million people listen to it, so it is a really large audience and if the content suggested in the letter does appear there, it is no wonder that Spotify’s policy starts to raise some anxiety. By checking what appears in the podcast section, it can very quickly become the new favorite medium for people who want to question the need for vaccination, for example, or the presence of the virus itself.

And this ensures that the pandemic will last a while.


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