Coppel offers incredible discounts on Coca-Cola sneakers

Coppel Offers Incredible Discounts on Coca-Cola Sneakers Photos: Special

One of the products in the store Koper There is a discount and they are the Puma Coca-Cola Men’s Red Sneakers as part of their “Best Sale” campaign.

The sale on the soft drink brand’s tennis shoes is only available online, so you won’t be able to see the offer in stores.

Koppel is in charge of marketing coca cola tennis, It’s about getting consumers to buy them at prices they can’t resist.

Do you want to know about the Coppel discount on Coca-Cola sneakers? Here we will provide you all the details about this promotion.

Coppel sneakers discount

Merchant Ricardo Salina has Coca-Cola tennis shoes in his store with a 25% discount, that is, from 3,599 to 2,699, which saves you 900 pesos.

If you would like to purchase this product, please click here.

Description of Puma Coca-Cola Sneakers

These casual tennis The Puma x Coca Cola Rider FV has been specifically designed to give you a modern, bold look with a hint of history. You’ll love its classic and elegant silhouette that enhances your look. Anatomy of the Puma x Coca-Cola Sneaker.

Made by Puma, these sneakers are constructed to provide a variety of styles and comfort for everyday use. Designed with a rubber sole emblazoned with the classic “Things Go Better With Coke” motto, the fabric coating provides long-lasting durability and protection.

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Koper History

the origin Koper store It goes back to 1941, when Don Luis Coppel Rivas decided to move from Mazatlan to Culiacan, Sinaloa, together with his son Enrique Coppel Tamayo, to open a small store called El Regalo, which he eventually sold Mainly radios and watches.

After World War II, customers did not have the liquidity to buy cash, so the desire to obtain credit was born in them. Then Don Luis Coppel and his son Enrique decided to invest all their savings in selling furniture on credit in weekly installments.

Therefore, taking its customers at their word, El Regalo became a furniture store with a credit system, which is when it adopted the name Coppel: that’s what the customers called it. As time goes by, new product lines are introduced, including in the apparel sector.

The rest of the story is one of work and dedication based on solid principles of simplicity, trust and dialogue with customers.

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