“Cordoba Rosa” campaign in the educational park

  • This initiative aims to promote active breast cancer prevention and awareness across the state.

During the month of October, the educational park of the city of Córdoba becomes an intervention space in support of the “Córdoba Rosa” campaign.

This initiative aims to promote breast cancer prevention and active awareness across the state and is implemented within the framework of State Law No. 10,503 and is implemented by the Department of Women, Gender, Diversity and Management in collaboration with the Directorate General. Adjusting. Educational park.

The first intervention took place at Sureste Education Park last Tuesday, with discussions involving neighborhood centres, the board, community references and the community at large. The activity was attended by more than 50 local residents and was attended by Sandra Trigo, Secretary of Women, Gender, Diversity and Neighborhood Management, accompanied by Secretary of Health Ariel Alexandov and Minister of Health Maria Gabriela Barbas. By people from the province of Cordoba.

Education Secretary Horacio Ferreira underlined the importance of this campaign in educational parks: “Our parks are home to a variety of intersecting themes that aim to improve, enrich and care for the lives of our residents. Through this breast cancer prevention campaign, we are raising awareness of issues such as the right to health and information. We aim to secure fundamental rights.

Eugenia Rotondi, director of the educational park, said: “The spaces for conversation, socialization and training that have been established within the Educational Park are essential for us to have more tools together to take care of ourselves and be there for each other.” Community. “

He also said: “The Córdoba Rosa campaign is an important opportunity not only to address the issue of breast cancer, but also to understand that access to health is a right for all residents of the city.”

For more information about Cordoba Rosa’s activities, please see the link below.

The following interventions to be developed in the educational park are detailed below.

Tuesday, October 10th

Conversation at the East Educational Park in the Campo La Ribera district.

Contact: Bosqueste@gmail.com / Phone: 351-5080399 / Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/parqueeducativoeste/

Tuesday, October 17th

Conversation in the South Educational Park of Barrio Congreso.

Contact: parqueeducativosur@gmail.com / WhatsApp: 351 610-3114 / Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/parqueeducativosur/

Tuesday, October 24th

Conversation at Barrio Marques Annex, North Educational Park.

Contact: parqueeducativonorte@gmail.com / WhatsApp: 0351 508-0938 / Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/parqueeducativonortee/

MArt October 31st

Conversations in the Noroeste Educational Park, Villa Allende Parque area.

Contact us: parqueeducativonoroeste@gmail.com / WhatsApp: 351 610-7010 / Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/parqueeducativonoroeste/

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