Corduroy trousers: trendy ideas for wearing them

In English, contrary to what one might think, they are not called velvet pantsbut corduroy. What are? THE corduroy, returned to conquer the catwalks of high fashion, as well as the streets of cities and towns, only recently. Their success, among younger girls, as well as women, comes from the comfortable wearability of a fabric that, so regal and precious, does not hinder movements, as well as from their availability on the market in many different colors, which makes them almost suitable for composing outfits of all kinds.

What do you mean by corduroy pants

Ready to wear even you in this long and cold winter, the openly version country-chic of a timeless garment? We are talking about the corduroy pants which are covered in many new top models of the autumn winter 2022/23 fashion, from all over theglamorous elegance of their ribbed version. Historically the corduroyalso called corduroy – from the union of the terms “cord” i.e. “twisted fibre” or “rope” and “duroy”, also “rough wool fabric” – it is a particular type of velvety fabric which is characterized by its intense texture of ribs or grooves in relief which, although small, are clearly visible to the naked eye and palpable to the touch. Just like velvet, it is estimated that the origin of corduroy, soon also used to recreate men’s and women’s garments, dates back to the 13th century, to nothing less than the flourishing Italian textile tradition, worked mainly in the Catanzaro territories , Genoa, but also Florence, Lucca and Venice. Always considered a very fine fabric, in reality corduroy, warm and softhas known how to become over time, a true emblem of country fashion for whose outfits it is still often used as a base for jackets, blazers and trousers.

When to wear corduroy pants

THE corduroyas soft as they are warm, they are the perfect garment to wear to make your own winter outfits – but also of late autumn, to put it briefly when the first cold peeps – even more glamorous. Starting out as an elegant garment, derived from a fine fabric, then also becoming an emblem of country-chic fashion, today the corduroy pants ribbed, especially if worn wide, cargo style, they are an inevitable garment even within the perfect street wardrobethanks also to the intense word of mouth from national and international stars, who have definitively sanctioned their being trendy and cool, often wearing them also on the catwalks and red carpets.

Pair with corduroy pants? What the stars say

Five cuts of corduroy they are the perfect inspiration for 5 different looks copied by none other than the most well-known stars and fashion influencers in the world.

  1. Bell-bottom corduroy trousers
    1. THE corduroyin version a elephant’s footthey are the garment you need for a perfect outfit from classic and casual style, to show off on the city streets, as much as an informal but no less “beautiful to look at” work outfit. What to combine them with? To be chosen in the beautiful shades of brown or burgundy, they are perfect to accompany in autumn, as well as in the middle of winter, with a fitted sweaterperhaps in contrasting shades of black or white, e ankle boots or ankle boots in black leather and one quilted effect shoulder bag. How to conclude the outfit? With the touch of a warm and trendy coatalso oversized, in Prince of Wales. Even better if capable of perfectly recalling in its nuances those of the remaining garments. Whether it’s on the set of a big movie, or in real life, the real thing Emily in Parisaka the British actress Lily Collinsseems to love them especially.

      1. Cigarette corduroy trousers
        1. Contrary to the previous model, this line of corduroy, fits almost snug in every corner of the leg, without focusing everything on its bell-shaped hem. How to wear it then without giving rise to actual fashion disasters? The beauty lies in perfectly counterbalancing the skinny texture of cigarette pantstaking advantage of all the best of sweaters and sweatshirts oversized – for those who want a casual look – or maintain an innate elegance by combining them with blousesto the combo sweater vest and shirt, blazer ton sur ton or in contrast. In this case, green light for any type of shoe, from sneakers, to refined décolleté, passing through moccasins, derby shoes and other types of lace-ups. It is not uncommon for supermodels Kaia Gerber choose them as a starting point to build entire super trendy outfits.

          1. Sweatpants style corduroy trousers
            1. What happens when the prized corduroy meets the symbol of street style trousers, the sweatpants (with us the so-called “sweatpants”)? The star of Elite and Latin music, Damn Paula. The result is a perfect mix enclosed in an icon of sporty-chic fashion trousers. Ideal with sneakersthe model corduroy pants sweatpants they are perfect to wear with sweatshirt ton sur ton, closed and with hood, or to be worn open with top or crop tops well in evidence. In this case, the widespread fashion dictat that corduroy trousers are much more elegant if in shades of black, navy blue or warm brown, beige, ocher and burgundy does not apply, allowing the wearer to play with colors, as after all, street style itself suggests.

              1. Cargo-style corduroy trousers
                1. Not only the commonly called “tracksuit pants”, i corduroy they eagerly follow the fashion pants of 2022 which elected him cargo style to real must-haves. How to wear them for an ad hoc look? To choose from black, brown or military green, they go well with t-shirts and sweatersbut also romantic mini cardigans contrasting and clearly inspired by 2KY. On the feet, to complete the #outfitoftheday, the inevitable flat or platform sneakers. In hand, a comfortable shoulder bag or clutch bag, but also super cool shoppers, mini-handbags, or shoulder bags.

                  1. Corduroy palazzo pants
                    1. They define themselves palazzo pants the models generally with a high waist and characterized by a particularly wide leg, which opens directly from the waist, falling soft and fluid to the ground. It goes without saying that these are characteristics that are well adaptable to a soft fabric, as much as heavy, which is the corduroy. The perfect outfit inspiration for this type of pants? The sisters-models suggest it Gigi and Bella Hadid who don’t fail to wear them during their outings around the world and the Big Apple. Paired with sneakers, satchel bag and college-style bomber jacket, they really look great.

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