Corentioquia distributes nearly $8,000 million to environmental care in the Southwest

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• Resources will be invested in this subsector so as to favor the protection of environmental heritage and the well-being of communities.

Corentioquia continues to make efforts in favor of the communities, the most recent signing of agreements was for 8,000 million pesos and was done in the municipality of Ciudad Bolivar in the framework of an environmental regional meeting in which the mayors of the different municipalities of the region along with the department , the leader of the Community Action Board, representatives of the three indigenous communities, the productive sector and the community in general.

The agreements aim to join efforts to develop actions that favor rural water sanitation, solid waste reduction and other actions for the protection and restoration of strategic ecosystems, such as tree planting for which more tool kits and elements were delivered within the framework of the BIO+ and Sembrton strategy.

For their part, the agreements with the communities of the indigenous reservation Hermergildo Chaquiama and Cristiania Carmata Rua, to carry out administrative, technical, financial and knowledge efforts to implement the agreements protocolled within the framework of the POMCA of the San Juan River were done. As well as the organizational strengthening of life plans, self-education and preservation of knowledge.

The Marcelino Tascon Reserve would also benefit.

Likewise, green public space will be a reality in the municipality of Valparaíso with the creation of the La Palmichala Environmental Park and the intervention of the atrium wall, the creation of side gardens in the Faralones Corregimiento of Ciudad Bolivar.

The environmental and cultural day was successful because of the closeness of the corporation’s directions with the communities.

The event began with a tour of the centrality of Ciudad Bolivar, artistically represented by the municipal administration as host.

In turn, in the premises of the Honorable City Council, Ana Ligia Mora Martínez, General Director of Corentioquia, presented a report on the management that the corporation has done in favor of Ciudad Bolivar during the current administration. (Photos Corentioquia).

These meetings reflect the commitment and heartfelt work done by this environmental authority, in a way that is close to the communities, empowering them with the necessary resources to take care of the natural wealth and establish themselves as sustainable areas To integrate. (Environment).

Video by Ana Ligia Mora, director of Corentioquia.

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