“Corns, bunions and nails with fungus.” Lady Gaga’s feet. Look at the picture

You have to take care of your feet! That is what the advisors that singer Lady Gaga has working for her should tell her. The American has appeared in one of the last events in which she attended with an image regarding her feet quite unfavorable.

The image has gone around the world and people on social networks have hallucinated and commented harshly on the status of the singer’s feet with messages such as “Callos, bunions, and fingernails with fungi”.

And the truth is that photography can not be said to leave Lady Gaga in a good place. It seems that the singer takes too much tute regarding concerts and performances and her feet are paying for the broken dishes.

11 years without stopping

A very important event has been fulfilled for Lady Gaga this week and that may have a lot to do with the current state of her feet. The singer turned 11 since her first single ‘Just Dance’ broke the charts in the UK.

Since then Lady Gaga has become one of the titans of music and has barely had a rest since then, something that has sometimes hurt her health.

Meditation, key

Lady Gaga, in addition to the fatigue she has accumulated, recognized this week that she had been raped in adolescence and that had a huge impact on her life and her health.

However, the American singer has recognized that meditation has helped her overcome everything that came upon her: «Meditation helps me calm down. And it is that post-traumatic disorder causes the patient to feel stressed and live full of fears and insecurities even after the danger has passed ».

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