Coronavirus 23/11/2021. Nearly 20 thousand infections. Disturbing death data [RAPORT]

Coronavirus.  How many infections are there today?
Coronavirus. How many infections are there today?

Coronavirus 23/11/2021, Tuesday. The fourth wave of coronavirus in Poland continues. Every day we learn how many infections there are today. The Ministry of Health presents data thanks to which we know how many new cases of coronavirus are, in which province there were the most of them, and how many COVID-19 patients died in the last 24 hours. Check the data for Tuesday, November 23. The report of the Ministry of Health on November 23, 2021 should appear soon.

Coronavirus 23/11/2021. How many infections are there today (November 23)? The fourth wave of coronavirus in Poland is in full swing. Ministry of Health every day at 10.30 presents the latest data on the epidemic in our country. We learn how many new infections are there, where are the most, how many people died from COVID-19, and how many Poles were vaccinated. What is the situation on Tuesday (November 23)? See the current state of the epidemic on 11/23/2021. On Sunday, we had over 18,000. cases, on Monday, in turn, over 12 thousand. The record for the fourth wave is almost 25,000. cases. Soon we will get to know the report of the Ministry of Health on 23/11/2021.

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Wojciech Andrusiewicz, spokesman for the Ministry of Health, informed on Tuesday morning in the WP’s “Newsroom” program that less than 20,000 people had been detected in Poland in the last 24 hours. new coronavirus infections. The number of deaths, which were recorded almost 400, may be disturbing. The Defender also emphasized that in the last 24 hours, approximately 1,000 patients with COVID-19 appeared in hospitals all over Poland.

– We have 19,936 new and confirmed cases of coronavirus infection from the following voivodeships: Mazowieckie (3756), Greater Poland (1694), Silesia (1619), Lesser Poland (1586), Lublin (1577), Dolnośląskie (1314), Pomeranian (1260), Kujawsko-Pomorskie (1165), Łódzkie (1151), Zachodniopomorskie (1007), Podkarpackie (876), Warmińsko-Mazurskie (817), Podlasie (622), Świętokrzyskie (471), Opole (451) and Lubuskie (380). 190 infections are data without specifying the address, which will be supplemented by the sanitary inspection – reports the Ministry of Health.

111 people died due to COVID-19, while 287 people died due to the coexistence of COVID-19 with other diseases. Number of people infected with the coronavirus: 3,377,698 / 81,228 (all positive cases / including the deceased) – according to the report of the Ministry of Health.


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