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Ana Maria Braga and asks the elderly to remain at home (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

Ana Maria Braga and asks the elderly to remain at home (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

Ana Braga is calling on Instagram on Monday (September 23), asking for his followers, especially the elderly, to stay at home in quarantine during the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

“In a video that is sweet. It is not knee-jerk, is taken care of! I love you all, take care,” she wrote in the caption.

The author of You that is, at the age of 70, are you currently in treatment for cancer of the lung, and was back at the helm of the program at the beginning of march, but it took all the recordings are stopped because of the pandemic.

Please read the note:

“Hi, guys! I’m passing on to you here today is not just to kill the nostalgia, but to give a message to people who are not able to keep her distance from other people, especially those who are already in the best age, as I did, that you actually have a much higher risk. I’ve got a series of videos from the senhorzinhos e senhorinhas beautiful, but that they are obstinately walking in the exit, but I would like to go to the shop only to find that it doesn’t have any problem. This is a virus that does not appear on the face of it, we only get to know when you don’t have your own. So, take care, take care, stay in the house, it’s really not a joke. A lot of people have spoken about a lot of things, because a lot of the tip. And I want to take advantage of, and to re-iterate that I’m here it crept along with my photos, my prayers and my family is small because my grandchildren are coming to you, my children, it’s not, I’m not getting hits. So, I’m not for you. But there is so much to do…. Get up, get dressed, do a bit of exercise at home, you have hundreds of possibilities. I’m here with you, is firm, and a big kiss to you all and see you soon.”

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