Coronavirus – cinemas – show film out “on demand” for a fee

The cinemas closed and in lockdown due to the emergency coronavirus are forcing Hollywood (and not only) to search for emergency solutions to prevent the reopening of the cinema the films are too many and if they burn so exit, or relaunch. So many titles referred to by Mulan and the black Widow, in the ninth chapter of the Fast and the Furious (one of the blockbuster that slip to 2021) there is a group that is always more nourished by a film that debuted directly or immediately ‘transferred’ in the video-on-demand movies (at a price considerably higher than that of a cinema ticket), after that the ‘fresh’ outputs in the halls Usa were interrupted. The roads that already scared the merchants to americans, concerned about the possibility that the studios will start to ‘jump’ more and more often the exit in the room.

Among the first to bet on all outputs flash in the Video-on-demand, there is the Universal, which has made it already available (even in Countries where they had not yet left, as in Italy), rent digital titles that had just debuted in american cinemas, such as the new remake of the classic horror films, The invisible man from Leigh Whannell with Elisabeth Moss, the new adaptation by Jane Austen, Emma by Autumn de Wilde with Anya Taylor-Joy and the horror satire The hunt by Craig Zobel with Hilary Swank. Titles available in our Country as a whole or in part, on platforms such as Rakuten Tv (which has all three thanks to an agreement with Nbc Universal), Chili, Google Play and iTunes, at a rental price of 15.99 euro. He debuted in the same form, even Bloodshot, thriller action science fiction-David S. F. Wilson, inspired by the homonymous comic book by Kevin VanHook, with Vin Diesel.

On the 23rd of April will arrive in Italy directly in digital to win again (Warner), Gavin O’connor, with Ben Affleck in the role of a former promise of the basketball became an alcoholic trying to rebuild his life by agreeing to coach his old team in high school. Debut on vod in April, among others, for Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion”s Revenge” Ethan Spaulding’s new animated film based on the video game cult. Disney+ will be available only in the Usa from April 3 Onward, Dan Scanlon, the new animated film in Cgi of Pixar/Disney, released in theaters in the united states and other Countries at the beginning of march with the debut in Italy had been postponed, after the first few precautionary measures, to 16 April, the date to which it seems obvious a new referral. For now, only in the United States just came out on Vod The call of the wild Chris Sanders with Harrison Ford (mid-February was in the halls, even in Italy) and Downhill with Will Ferrell and Tina Fey, remake unreleased in our Country, the brilliant dramedy Swedish Force majeure by Ruben Ostlund. It will be a coming global version of the on-demand (Italy and the Us, including the Trolls ‘ World Tour of Walt Dohrn and David P. Smith, to be released on 10 April, the sequel to the musical comedy animated-2016, inspired by the dolls Troll Dolls. In the original version between the voice actors of the protagonists are Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake, in the Italian Francesca Michielin (Poppy), Stash (Fiordispino), Elodie (queen Barb) and Sergio Sylvestre (Mini Diamond).

Enter the game also Netflix, which has acquired for the first time on demand the comedy the Lovebirds Michael Showalter, comedy yellow, with two talents of comedy Usa, Kumail Nanjiani, and Issa Rae in the role of a couple who finds himself involved in a murder was committed with their car by a mysterious killer that was a fake cop. The authors point to on demand: after having had only a few days in a limited output in the rooms, will arrive on the platforms you Use at the beginning of April, the drama winner of jury awards at Sundance and at the Berlinale, Never Rarely Sometimes Always Eliza Hittman, the story of Autumn (Sydney Flanigan), a teenager of rural Pennsylvania which, together with the cousin to New York, to undergo an abortion. While it will be an absolute debut after the premiere at the Toronto Film Festival, one of the Endings, beginnings of Drake Doremus, the story of a love, three of which give life Shailene Woodey, Jamie Dornan and Sebastian Stan.

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